5 Calf Muscle Exercises For All

Calf Muscle Exercises For All

Having toned muscular calf muscles is the dream of many – remember, not just athletes, you too can have well shaped calved. Anyone can build strong and big muscular calves, if they are regular and try the right workouts in the right way. You do not have to spend long hours doing specific calf muscle building exercises, but just do the right exercises. Strong calf muscles help athletes by bringing strength and balance. You need to take care of your diet too in the process.

Best Calf Muscle Exercises

Calf Press Exercise

You need to have your legs a bit bent when you start this posture, thus you might need to adjust your seat a bit as per comfort level before you start exercising. Your feet has to be on a firm platform. Pick the right weight and hold on to the handles tight. This shall be your start posture. Now, you will straighten your legs and slowly extend your knees to a comfortable position when you start the exercise. To do this, you will slowly lift weight from stack. Your ankle shall be flexed completely and toes pointed up. You will carry out the movement by downward pressing with your feet. Stop for sometime and then do the motion in reverse. You will repeat again.

Calf Press Exercise

Box Jumps

If you have every tried lifting exercises you will know how much strength is needed in the legs. This is when calf muscles are most utilized and needed. Box jumps is a functional exercise which offers great power to the calf muscles. This exercise also trains the calf muscles to react and also contract fast. Start by standing on the balls of feet. Your toes shall be in front. The box height shall be as per your height. You will jump on the box and again jump on the toes. You will then jump back down on floor. You need to do this at least 10 times. Remember not to use dumbbells or other weights.

Box Jumps

Calf Raise- Double Legs

One of the best calf strengthening exercises are the calf raise. They help in using body weight to tone and strengthen soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. You need to start the exercise by standing close to a wall. This will help your balance. You need to keep your feet some distance away from one another. Your ankles, knees and hips should be in vertical alignment. This shall help in protecting the joints. Start the exercise by raising into ball of your feet. This will help in raising the body upward. Keep the abdominal muscles pulled so that you can move upwards straight and not keep shifting your body again and again. You can bring in variations by standing on stairs. This will cause your heels to drop down much lower than your toes. You can also add some weight as per your capacity to increase the capacity. Remember to keep your hand on the wall for additional balance.

Calf Raises

Jumping Rope

You need a good quality jump rope for this exercise. Jumps should be in the form of timed sets which is also effective in weight loss and toning down your thighs and hip muscles. However, duration should ideally depend on how fit you are, how much experienced you are and your body conditioning levels. You should never over do which can hurt you. You will be standing keeping your feet close together. Your knees shall be a bit bent and your hands will be just in front of you. They should be at your chest level. Keep the elbows bent. You need to jump as quick as you can. Its good to do at least three sets of 50-60 jumps at a time. This will be good for your calves. Remember to wear the right kind of jumping shoes.

Rope Jumping

Seated Calf Raise

One of the best exercises for working out all your calf muscles in one single movement. This is specially suited for those who do not have plenty of time to spend in the gym, yet they need to workout their calf muscles. This movement is quite similar to the usual standing calf raise which is equally effective. This seated calf raise position works on the lower calf muscles. You need to start the exercise by sitting with all machine pads easily resting on the thighs. You will drop your heels again at least by 4 inches. This, will depend a lot on your flexibility. Raise your leg again and squeeze calf muscles when you are at the top position. You need to repeat this step at least 5 times or as per the flexibility of your body. Regular exercising for three months will show results.

Seated Calf Raise

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