7 Circuit Training Workouts For Improved Flexibility

Circuit training is one of the most popular workouts which help individuals in achieving a number of fitness goals. These exercises do not actually require much of expensive equipment. There are many different kinds of exercises which can be followed, when one develops a circuit training routine. These training programs are increasingly used by athletes and fitness freaks for increasing flexibility and endurance. These exercises help in building strength, agility, and flexibility in a better way.

Here Are 7 Circuit Training Workouts For Improved Flexibility:

1. Hip Thrusts:

This is an easy workout which is often included in the circuit training routine which helps in improving flexibility. This workout helps in improving endurance and builds stamina in the case of individuals. Start by lying down on the back. Your legs shall be bent at 90 degrees from your hips. You will slowly move up your hips from the floor and move it close to the ceiling. You can again lower the hips towards the floor. You should also repeat at least 10 times as you start. As you get accustomed, you can increase the count to 20. You can do this workout, three times in a week as you start.

Hip Thrusts

2. Split Squat:

Women love this workout, as it helps in reducing fat accumulation from the lower abdominal area. To start the workout, you need to lie down on the back. Your legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle from the hips. You will slowly move up your hips from the floor and move towards the ceiling. You can again lower the hips towards the floor. Repeat at least 10 times. This exercise helps in improving flexibility and offers support to your body. If you are a beginner, you can do this workout, at least ten times in a week.

Split Squat

3. Bicycle Kicks:

For this workout, you need to lie down on your back. Your knees shall be at your chest level. Your arms shall be flat on the floor. You need to extend your legs by slowly extending a large completely straight out. You need to extend the other leg out completely. You need to continuously repeat this movement, as you ride a bicycle. You need to do all the repetitions. Your back shall be completely flat when you are moving. In case you are not able to keep the back flat, you need to extend the legs. You need to repeat this workout at least 15 times.

Bicycle Kicks

4. Forward Lunges:

This is an easy exercise which helps in improving your flexibility and movement of the body. You need to start the workout by standing in a comfortable position. Your feet shall be shoulder distance apart. You will again step a little forward using one foot. You will again bend the knees and get into a lunge position. Your knee shall be close and touching the floor. Your front leg should also be bent and at a 90-degree angle from the knees. You can maintain a good upright position throughout. Get back to the start position and you will repeat using the opposite leg. When you are doing this workout, you need to hold on to light dumbells. Forward lunges are an excellent workout which helps in improving overall fitness and flexibility.

Forward Lunges

5. Burpees:

You need to begin in a standing position. You will slowly bend the knees and then place your hands on the ground. You can also extend your legs back and get into a pushup position. You will again get your knees back and move them towards the chest. You can again stand up. Burpees are a good exercise to build great flexibility and mobility. They help in building stamina, endurance, and strength.


6. Standing Quadriceps:

This is an excellent exercise for the legs, especially suitable for the inner thighs and calf muscles, which need to be completely flexible for greater balance and flexibility. This exercise helps in building strength, stability, and mobility of the body by conditioning all the relevant muscles. You need to start the workout by standing on a leg. You will then grab the bottom of your other leg, which is just above the ankle. Now, you will slowly pull your heel into the buttocks and again push your hips out. Your thighs need to be completely perpendicular towards the ground. You need to hold on to this position and then repeat the movement using your other leg.

Standing Quadriceps

7. Bridge With Leg Reach:

Start by lying down on the floor, with your faceup on the floor. Your knees shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. Your feet will be completely flat. You will extend the arms by your sides. Now, slowly move your right leg just in front and lift the hips close to the ceiling. You will be making a diagonal line from the right knees towards the right shoulder. You can also press your upper back to the floor and open your chest muscles. You can lift your right leg straight and move towards the ceiling. You need to repeat at least 10 times. You will hold on to the last repetitions for at least 10 seconds. You can switch the legs and repeat.

Bridge With Leg Reach

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