How To Build Your Pecs

Building thick chest muscles often a daunting task for most individuals. Most people when training the chest perform bench presses every day for a few hours, but find it very difficult to gain any muscle. When it comes to building the muscles of the chest, it is advisable that you follow a sound training routine as well as diet. Given below are some effective tips to gain muscle mass in the pecs.

How To Build Your Pecs

Tips to Build Your Pecs

Increase your Push-ups

Health experts highly recommend push-ups in order to increase the size as well as strength of the pectoral muscles. There are several ways by which you can perform this exercise, i.e. by adjusting the distance between the hands. Adjusting the distance between the hands is known to trigger different muscle fibres of the pecs.

You could also perform weighted push-ups in which you can place a weight plate on your back and perform the movement. Make use of a spotter in order to prevent any injury. Avoid using a very heavy weight plate as it can place great stress on your back.

Focus on Outer Pecs

When it comes to building chest mass, it is advisable that you perform exercises that target the outer pec muscles as they cause the chest to appear full. Fitness experts suggest that you perform exercises such as bench presses with a slightly wider grip in order to effectively target the muscle fibres of the outer chest.

Avoid Overtraining

Fitness experts highly recommend that you should avoid training the chest muscles too much by using several exercises. Overtraining will not only retard the increase in muscle growth, but will also make you lose muscle mass.

 build your pecs

Overtraining can also cause you to fall sick, in severe cases, thereby preventing you from exercising for weeks. It is recommended that you choose a few good chest exercises and perform them in your workouts.

Increase your Protein Intake

It is recommend that you should aim to consume 0.8 grams of protein per two pounds of bodyweight, but if you desire to build muscle mass, it is essential that you consume a higher quantity of protein.  For gaining muscle mass, it is highly recommended that you aim to consume around 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. It is advisable that you consume low fat sources of protein such as skim milk, chicken, salmon, tuna, as well as whey.

Breathe Correctly

While performing chest exercises such as the bench press or push-ups, it is very important that you breathe correctly. Fitness experts recommend that you inhale as you lower the weight towards your body and exhale as you push the weight upwards.

Use a Full Range of Motion

When performing chest exercises, it is highly recommended that you aim to perform the exercises using a full range of motion. This will help in working a larger number of muscle fibres, thereby triggering muscle growth. However, if you suffer from any shoulder problem, perform the exercise using the range of motion that is comfortable for you.

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