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Bodybuilding Back Exercises

By on May 7, 2012

The back muscles are made up of the mid trapezius, erector spinea, rhomboids as well as latisimus dorsi muscles. When it comes to building muscle mass in the back, it is important that you target all these muscles by making use of a variety of exercises.

In addition to a sound exercise routine, it is important that you have a good diet as well as enough rest. To build muscle, it is highly recommended that you perform 6-10 reps of each exercise using medium to heavy weights. It is highly advisable that you warm-up properly in order to prevent any injury to the lower back.

Bodybuilding Back Exercises


The deadlift is considered to be the best exercise when it comes to building muscle mass in the back. This exercise targets all the muscle fibres of the back; therefore, you should use this exercise in all your back workouts for best results. To perform this exercise, stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart.

Bodybuilding Back Exercises

Bend down and grab the barbell with a shoulder width grip. Bend your legs till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Slowly begin to stand up, holding the barbell firmly. Return back to the starting position.

Before using a heavy weight when performing this exercise, it is important that you use a lighter weight in order to develop proper form. If you develop any awkward pain when performing this movement, it is advisable that you stop performing the exercise and consult your physician.

Weighted Chin-ups

Weighted Chin-ups are considered to be helpful in order to target the latisimus dorsi muscles. In order to perform this exercise, grasp the chin-up bar with a shoulder-width grip, along with a weight plate strapped on to your waist. It is important that you use an overhand grip when performing this exercise, in order to target the back muscles effectively.

best Bodybuilding Back Exercises

From the starting point, let yourself hang from the bar in order to stretch the back muscles. Following that, pull yourself upwards till your chin touches the chin-up bar. Lower your body back to the starting position. Most people who have never performed chin-ups find it extremely difficult to perform chin-ups with weights. In this case, you must perform the exercise without weights till your back muscles are strong enough.

Barbell Pullovers

Barbell Pullovers are considered to be extremely beneficial in targeting the muscles of the back. Barbell pullovers help to work the lats as well as serratus muscles. In order to perform this exercise, you will need an exercise bench. Lie down on the bench with your feet placed firmly against the floor.

top Bodybuilding Back Exercises

Hold the barbell with a narrow grip and allow it to move backwards till it is almost parallel to the floor. After that, move the weight back to the starting point. It is important that you keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the movement. Use a light weight if you have never performed this exercise before. You should perform the repetitions very slowly in order to stretch the muscles of the back.

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