Different Exercises For Sprained Wrist

Sprained WristThe flexibility of our hands depends largely on the area connecting our forearm and hand i.e. our wrist. Considering the amount of work our wrists are subjected to on a daily basis, it is easy to pick up sprains.

At times, the wrist muscles and ligaments are stretched beyond their capacity, resulting in damage of ligaments and restricted motion. Wrist niggles or sprains can be picked due to a fall or during sports, weightlifting or even daily routine activities.

A sprained wrist looks swollen accompanied generally with pain and tenderness depending on the severity of the sprain. If it’s a first degree sprain, it can very well be treated at home without any professional medical help with a range of motion exercises. Some of the motion exercises are:

Exercises For Sprained Wrist

Wrist Extension

Wrist extension exercises are the best to build back strength in an injured wrist. The exercise requires a stable and secure platform to put your weight onto.

Wrist Extension

Now standing with your hands against a table in a flat down position, extend your elbows, placing your palms against the table. Now slowly lean the body in a position so that the weight of the body comes on the wrist.

Do not continue if pain is felt in any part of the process. Remain in the position to the count of 15 seconds and then relax. Each set will be of 10 repetitions.

Assisted Stretching

This type of exercises helps in restoring flexibility and motion in the injured wrist. In this exercise the injured wrist needs to be brought out in front of the body.

Now slowly try bending your injured wrist forward and put some light pressure from the other hand and hold in the same position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise around 10 times with rest periods in between.

Forearm Pronation/Supination

In this one, lift the arm straight to the shoulder level, only to be bent at your forearm. Now point your fingers towards the ceiling and hold in the position for 5 seconds.Now hang your head down looking on the ground.

Forearm Pronation

Tilt the forearm down when you start feeling a stretch in the wrist, still maintaining a 90-degree angle. Repeat the whole activity for 10 times.

Slowly lower the elbow to neutral position of rest.

Finger Lift

Another effective exercise for healing wrist sprains. Spread your fingers apart widely, placing the palm atop a plane table. Now start raising your fingers one by one while the others lay at rest.

Start with the smallest finger slowly, staying in the position for 5 seconds. Lower it to starting position and perform the same procedure with index finger, thumb middle and ring finger.

Repeat the same procedure on the each finger of opposite hand. The fingers should be stretched fully at all times.

Ball Grip

This is a common physiotherapy exercise in which the person needs to hold on to a rubber ball or any squeezable object in the hand.

Ball Grip

The person is required to spread and stretch his fingers fully around the squeezable ball and squeeze it as hard as possible for 3-5 seconds. Release the grip and repeat the activity 10 times. Change the hand and repeat the process.