Easy Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder PainShoulder pain is caused due to a number of reasons but light to moderate exercises as per the condition of your shoulder, can help in getting relief from the pain in the long run. However, it is best to speak to your Doctor once before you start with any exercise, so that you do not do something which will damage your shoulder further.

Remember, that you should never force or strain your body when doing any of these exercises. Moreover start slowly and let your body adjust to the movements as you progress with your exercise routine. Here are some exercises which will give you comfort if you do them correctly and for the right duration of time.

Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Reaching Out To Things

You can use any object as a prop to do this exercise – use  your coffee mug, shoes or even your toothbrush. Keep this item on top of a high shelp. Now, try to reach these products slowly, which is a great exercise for shoulder and helps in improving blood circulation in the region.

Codman Exercise

You will need a straight chair for this exercise. Sit sideways and your armpit needs to be just on the back of this chair. You need to swing your arm while sitting sideways in small circles.

Codman Exercise

You can make small circles initially and then move on with larger circles as you get comfortable. The circles need to be made in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Climbing Wall Exercise

A simple exercise which helps in relaxing the muscles and offers complete comfort from shoulder pain. This can be done even when you have light pain. You need to stand in front of a wall and place your hand on this wall – flat. You can now use your fingers to crawl on the wall as if you are climbing this wall, just like a spider.

You will be moving your fingers slowly and then stop in a position. Hold your hand in this position for around 30 seconds after every 15 inches of climbing. You can move your fingers higher on the wall as much as you can. You can keep trying for higher levels. You can do this exercise for ten minutes everyday for best results.

Range Of Motion

Another simple and easy to do exercise which you can do while leaning over the floor. Let your arm dangle downwards towards the floor. Let it relax initially and be at ease with the position. Now, once you are comfortable, start making circles in air slowly. Make small circles initially and then move to make larger ones.

Range Of Motion

This exercise can be repeated at least 10 times in a day. When you are starting, do it 2-3 times and then as per your comfort level you can increase the count. If you experience pain in between, you should stop immediately. Never lose hope if you are suffering from shoulder pain. Try any of the above exercises on a regular basis and you will be able to get rid of the pain soon.