How To Diet For A Bodybuilding Show

While preparing for your next bodybuilding competition, you must focus on what you consume for enhancing both strength and agility. A special attention must be paid to the quality and amount of essential fats, lean proteins and carbohydrates that you are consuming as well as the total caloric intake per day leading up to the final day for the show.

This ensuing post will provide you with some useful information related to the diet of a bodybuilder for his upcoming show.

Diet Plan For Bodybuilding  Show


Determine the number calories you need to take per day to enhance muscle growth while maintaining body functions at their respective optimum levels by consulting a general physician or an expert trainer.

Diet For A Bodybuilding Show

The caloric intake are usually based on your body weight and hence, you should consume more than 3000 calories daily to continue with you daily activities apart from gaining muscle mass. Your caloric consumption must also be accompanied by a predetermined combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water.


Depending upon the conformation of your diet plans, you must establish the proper amount of protein that you should consume on a daily basis. An easy way to calculate the approximate amount of your protein intake in grams is to multiply your body weight in kilograms by 1.2.

How To Diet For A Bodybuilding Show

If you are looking for natural protein, the best sources are fishes and egg whites. If you are using protein supplements in between your meals, you should see to it that they do not meet more than half of your daily protein requirement as you should try to achieve the remaining half from whole foods.


Carbohydrate is a crucial nutrient providing energy to the tissues to engage in training and helping in growth and development of the muscles. Calculating the ideal amount of carbohydrates that you should consume per day is a challenge. Firstly, you need to find the ratio of your total body weight to your fat free body weight or the body mass.

 bodybuilding contest diet plan

The 80 percent of the number is the total amount of your daily carbohydrates consumption in terms of grams. The natural sources of carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables and whole grains and they are also rich in fibres unlike candy bars and sugary sodas.


Your consumption of fat must not be greater than 25 percent of your total caloric intake and the fat types must be either omega 3 or omega 6. These two types of fat are comprised of the essential fatty acids and are commonly found in fish oil and flax seed oil.


Break from the traditional 3 meals per day and try to maintain 5 to 6 meals, associated with nutritious snack consumptions in between the meals. More meals will not only increase your metabolism rate, but will also rebuild the muscles after a strenuous training.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has an inclination towards suppressing the testosterone level and hence, should always be avoided, especially when the bodybuilding competitions are approaching. A reduced testosterone level in blood may lead to ineffectiveness of your efforts and reduction in muscle growth.

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