How To Do Cardio With Bad Knees

Cardio With Bad Knees

Cardio With Bad KneesCardiovascular exercises are a vital part of a workout routine. Cardio exercises help you to build stamina and endurance while improving your cardiovascular health and ensures that you are able to live a healthy life. Often, bad knees are seen as an obstacle to cardiovascular exercises because of knee joint pain or knee injury.

It is important to be able to perform cardio exercises and if certain precautions are taken, you can overcome the problem of having bad knees and be able to incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your workout regimen. In this article, we will explore some of the guidelines you need to follow in order to be able to do cardio exercises with bad knees.

Doing Cardio With Bad Knees

Use Low Impact Training

In order to prevent damage to your knees and yet be able to perform cardiovascular exercises despite having bad knees, you need to perform low impact training exercises. Cycling on a stationary bicycle or bicycle riding can be a very good and easy cardiovascular exercise to do even if you have bad knees.


Such low impact training exercises prevent your knees from getting damage and ensures that you are able to exercise easily and painlessly. Other low impact exercises are elliptical training, swimming and rowing. These are cardio exercises which can be easily done despite having bad knees.

Consult Personal Trainers

While exercising, you need to consult personal trainers if you have bad knees and you want to do cardio. They can assess your physical fitness levels and ensure that you are able to perform low impact cardio exercises which can be done despite having bad knees. Such cardio exercises are equally challenging as high impact cardio training. Your personal trainer can guide you regarding which exercises would be most easy to perform in your condition.

Exercise Your Quadriceps

Weak quad muscles can cause knee pain and injury and damage the soft tissues as well. This then results in bad knees which damage your chances of being able to perform cardiovascular exercises effectively.


A knee muscle called vastus medialis should be exercised gently in order to improve your flexibility and ensure that you are able to do cardio exercises easily.  Cable kick forwards are the ideal exercise for this.

Stretch Your Legs

It is important to stretch your hamstrings if you want to do cardio exercises despite having bad knees.  The hamstring muscles in your legs can greatly influence the dynamics of movement of the knees. This can ensure that you are able to stretch your muscles and boost your flexibility and mobility. You can do the lying hamstring stretch before you start your cardiovascular exercises in order to improve the mobility of your bad knees. Lying hamstring stretch exercise is performed in the following manner.

Hamstring stretch

You need to lie down straight on your back as you move your leg from a position where it is curled at the knee to stretch the leg up straight as you lie down. The lying hamstring stretch improves the flexibility of your bad knees and allows you to do cardio exercises more easily and effectively.

Take Tips From Health Care Professional

What is equally important is that you consult your medical health care professional  and physiotherapist in order to ensure that you are able to perform cardio exercises with bad knees. The health care professional can guide you best about what steps should be taken. He or she can also ensure that you become aware of the precautions you need to take while doing cardio with bad knees.