Workout For Well-Defined Top Shoulders

Workout For Well-Defined Top ShouldersEveryone wants those broad shoulders as they can really define ones look to a great extent, however, most people fail to take adequate measures to get it.

Most people don’t even include shoulder exercises in their workout regimes thinking the other weight lifting exercises they have will pump up their shoulders too, but they are wrong, your shoulders may get worked during the normal exercises but if you really want to have well defined shoulders then you have got to pay more attention to them.

I am going to tell you a bunch of exercises, some of them may be unorthodox but they help you to achieve the results fast as they are a mixture of natural but more complex movements of multiple sets of muscles in your shoulders.

Perfect Shoulders Workout Program

Dumbbell Curls 1

Now for the first exercise I will ask you to pick weights which would be a little less than half of the weights you use for your normal dumbbell curls, you do not want to stress your shoulders too much in the beginning as they stress very easy. Now you can start off with lateral raises.

Dumbbell Curls 1

Here you basically hold the weights beside your body, and slowly lift them up to a height of just an inch or more than that of your shoulders and then bring them back down, remember to breathe all the time, do a few reps of these then move over to doing front raises, it’s the same as lateral raises only thing is that you hold the dumbbells in front of your body this time, continue to do this for a few more reps.

Dumbbell Curl 2

After you are done with the above ones move on to doing a more complex set of movements. Here you hold the weights with your elbows slightly bent and position them in front of you, then you raise one arm at a time, hold them, then slide them outside to do almost a lateral raise and then bring them down slowly, and then you continue on to the other arm. This is a bit unorthodox but does provide you with great results.

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The next thing you should try is called shrugs, they are pretty easy but following the correct form is a pretty hard thing to do.


Here you need to keep the weights rested to your sides, and then what you need to do is raise your shoulders together almost as if you want to touch your ears with them, just remember that you don’t want to bring your shoulder up from the front or from a very backward position, it’s a position where your shoulders are just in line with your ear lobes. You’ll lift them up and then bring them down again, do about 15 reps of these for 2 sets.

Shoulder Push-Ups

Next form of exercise I am going to tell you to do is really effective and builds your core in the process too. Well basically it’s a push up, only more complicated and more focused to work your shoulders than anything else.

You need to have a raised platform, even a bed will do, just make sure that your legs are up and over the height of your shoulder but not by too much, now you can perform your push-ups and you will notice that all the strain falls on your shoulders, and it can be pretty difficult to pull off to.

Do these exercise and your shoulders will pump up like anything.