10 Amazing Benefits Of Crab Walking Exercises

 Amazing Benefits Of Crab Walking Exercises

A crab walk is an exercise that exercises many muscle groups at one time. You can do the variations of this exercise with or without any resistance equipment. To do this exercise you need to balance the body weight on the hands as well as legs. Posture is very crucial to this exercise. This walking exercise is beneficial for both men and women and provides distinct benefits. Men would benefit in the form of better muscle density. Women when doing this amazing exercise with moderate weights strengthen their body muscles and avoid accumulating unwanted fat in the body. In both the cases the body becomes strong with lesser probabilities of injuries. Some of the variations of the traditional crab walk exercise are sumo crab walk, supine crab walk and prone crab walk. In this article we will look at ten amazing benefits of doing this exercise.

In this exercise you need to sit comfortably on the floor. Feet should be apart and palms kept on the floor behind your butt. Using the support of your abdominal muscles gently press your palms and feet to the floor and lift your rear body from the floor.

With the help of left foot and right hand take one step forward. Now with the help of right foot and left hand take one more step forward. Keep walking like this in forward as well as backward direction.

As you practice your speed and energy levels will increase.

These Are Amazing Benefits Of Crab Walking Exercises

1. Moves Your Body Joints

When you do the crab walk you exercise complete body. Not only the back muscles of your upper arms but also the shoulders muscles, back muscles, abdomen muscles and stomach muscles gets trained. Coming to the lower body this excellent move stretches your entire hamstrings area, back of the upper leg muscles, quadriceps and front of the upper legs muscles too.

Strengthens Shoulder And Elbow Joints

2. Burns Calories

This is a highly beneficial cardiovascular exercise. With forward and backward walking you feel a lot of fat burning sensation in abdominal, thighs and arms area. Your hearts starts to pump at a fast rate and make you sweat more. With more intensity and speed you can do a lot more fat and weight loss in less time. It is a good alternative to other cardiovascular exercises.

Burns Calories

3. Increases Flexibility

This exercise is a powerful move that helps in increasing the elasticity of the body. With lots of stretching and bends your body gains flexibility and lessens the chances of injuries.

Better Flexibility

4. Tones Your Body

Crab walk is a remarkable exercise which focuses on the rear end of gluteus and buts. Women who are annoyed with stubborn fat deposited in their thigh, butt, arms and abdomen area would greatly benefit doing this exercise.

Fifteen minutes of daily move would help in giving you considerable results in a month. Keep increasing the speed and intensity for desired results.

Tones up Upper Chest Muscles

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5. Easy To Do

Traditional crab walk exercise is very simple and do not require equipment. This is an easy to learn and perform exercise and does not demand training, attention and supervision of an instructor.

Easy To Do

6. Can Be Done Anywhere

Just like walking, jogging, skipping and other cardio vascular exercises you can also do this exercise at home or garden.

Can Be Done Anywhere

7. A Complete Body Workout

Crab walking is considered to be an ideal exercise which targets each and every part of the body. With just a walk you would easily train your largest to tiniest muscle groups in the body. It not only tones your muscles but also makes them strong, dense and healthy. Instead of doing so many exercises for different body regions this exercise is an All in One exercise which gives you innumerable benefits in less time.

A Complete Body Workout

8. Teaches You Art Of Balancing Body

The best part of this exercise is that it teaches you how to balance your body, be still and maintain the posture while moving. Staying in one position for a longer time is an art. The longer you hold the position the more will you shed excess calories and weight from the body.

Balancing Table Pose

9. Kick Away Boredom

This wonderful movement is lots of fun and keeps away the boredom. It is a spicy variation to regular monotonous cardio exercises.

Kick Away Boredom

10. Best For Kids

This exercise is best for your young ones and can be included in their fitness regime. The earlier your child starts exercising better it will be in their future.

Best For Kids

Regular sets of this exercise would make your legs and arms powerful and dense day by day. These exercises strengthen your complete body and make them rock solid. Not only it helps one to reduce fat by building muscles in the body but also improves one’s stability and posture.For sculpted and strong body perform crab walking exercises with due diligence and determination.