10 Amazing No Crunch Ab Exercises

If you are suffering from back problems then probably crunches are not going to be your best friend. These are exercises that are not only effective but considering that they don’t hurt your back, they are ideal for people people who trouble on the lower spine. These simple no crunch ab exercises should be combined with cardio for best results. So check out these poses that engage your core and work on inventive muscles on the abs

Here Are 10 Amazing No Crunch Ab Exercises

1. Planks

Planks are one of the best ways for getting toned abs. You can also add your twists to these for getting into a deeper pose that works on the core muscles. Lie down on your stomach and then raise your shoulders off the floor, supporting the weight on both hands and legs. Now suck the stomach in and hold the pose. This is the basic plank. To make the pose lighter you can get down on your elbows and to make it more intense, you can gradually raise one hand and support the hands. Hold this posture for a minute.


2. Side Planks

For side planks, you have to lie down on the right side first and keep the right hand under shoulder, then raise both the body off the floor, supporting the weight on hands and legs. You can make this posture more intense by raising the right hand instead of supporting yourself on the elbow. If you are unable to balance yourself, then fold the right leg and get some support on the knee. To make the intensity of the ab workout more effective, you can gradually raise your left leg for more balance. Hold for at least 30 seconds on each side.

Side Planks

3. Leg Raises

Lie down on the back and keep both hands under your head (for advanced move) or under the butts for those who are just commencing an exercising routine. Gradually raise both legs together and bring it right up to the ceiling. Then bring the same down as you exhale. Again, inhale when getting both legs up. Repeat at least 10-15 times and do another set if needed.

Leg Raises

4. Superman Pose

Lay down on your stomach this time and extend both hands in front of you. Your feet should be together and then raise your upper and lower body together as you pull yourself up from the core. Hold the posture and then take it down again. Repeat at least 10-15 times and do another set if needed.

Superman Pose

5. Standing Knee Pulls

This is a move that works on the abs, even when you are standing. For this pose, you have to stand straight and raise both hands above head. You can add dumbbells here if you want to get some real heat on your abs. Now bring both dumbbells close to the chest as you pull up your right knee. Repeat with the other leg. Do this at least 15 times on both legs.

Standing Knee Pulls

6. Push Ups

A great exercise that really tones your abs without any crunches and pressure on the back are push ups. Lie down on your stomach and then place both hands under your shoulders. You can keep the legs straight or even folded at the knees depending on your intensity.

Inhale as you pull yourself up and straighten both the hands and exhale as you go down and bend from the elbows as you try to touch the floor.


7. Bridges

Add a little twist to the bridge pose by using weights and intensifying the move to tone your stomach. Lie down on the back and bring both the heels towards your butts. Now hold one dumbbell on each hand and then raise your butt off the floor. Exhale and also bring both hands towards the ceiling, keeping them straight. This way you are working on the core muscles along with hands and butts too.


8. Plank To Cobra

For this pose, you have to get to the basic plank and then from here, you have to gently lower yourself so that you lower ab and legs touches the ground, but the upper body is completely off the floor. Tilt back your head as you do so and feel the stretch in the spine and abs. Then raise your butt off the floor with feet and hands firmly on the ground. Get back to plan and repeat the series.

Plank To Cobra

9. Russian Twist

Sit on the butts with both knees folded and legs slightly away from the butts. Now, twist your body right from the abs first to the right and then to left. Go as fast as you can and do at least 20 twists on each side.

Russian Twist

10. Hollow Man

Lie down on the back and gently place both arms on the sides with palms facing upwards. Now raise upper body and both legs together so that you feel the pressure on your abs. Hold the pose for a few seconds and lower.

Hollow Man