10 Benefits And Hazards Of Steroids

Benefits And Hazards Of Steroids

Steroids are cyclic organic compounds generally taken to imply a proper structure and function to various biological processes. This greatest scientific discovery enhances the stamina and muscular strength and enable us to work more without actually feeling fatigue.
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Every individual like to have proper physique in order to look good. Some people work out to maintain their body whereas other people completely rely on particular drugs, especially, steroids in order to have a proper shape and structure of their body. Various athletes and person involving in various games illegally consume steroids to enhance their performance and become the best. But have you people ever wonder whether it is really safe to enhance your physical performance with all these artificial drugs. Well we must know that every scientific discoveries made for our benefits also have some risk factors associated with it.
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The same goes for steroids as well.

These Are Benefits And Hazards Of Steroids

Benefits Of Having Steroids

As discussed earlier, steroids helps to enhance the performance of an individual by stimulating the stamina and muscular strength. For e.g., the activity of male hormone testosterone which is responsible for the development of male reproductive hormones can be enhanced by taking steroids.

Weight Increase

Want to increase your weight in order to have a proper physique. No need to worry! Steroids will help to increase the weight of the body. Various protein supplements contains steroids is generally taken by body builder to increase their weight.

Lose Weight And Burn Calories

Muscular Strength

Though illegal but still various wrestlers and body builder’s intake steroids to increase the muscular strength.

Increase Muscular Strength

Stamina Enhancement

Various athletes and players of various games illegally consume steroids to enhance their performance and also enhances the stamina to carry out physical activities for a longer period of time.

Improved Stamina And Endurance

Remedial Effect

Steroids also have various remedial effects. Steroids are used to treat various minor injuries within a short period of time.

Rehabilitates Injuries

Physical Appearance

Anabolic steroids improves the physical appearance of both male and female by developing breasts, deeper voice and improving the baldness.

Close Grip chin Pull Ups

Risk Factors

Since steroids functions artificially against the willing or the natural functioning of the body, it has plenty of risk factors associated with it which can even prove to be fatal if not stopped.

Steroid Addiction

It is very bad if we make a habit of anything whatsoever. Same goes for steroids as well. Daily intake of steroids even in small quantities which make person addicted to the same.

Corticosteroid Injections

Health Deterioration

Various health problems are associated with steroids like high blood pressure, various cardio-vascular diseases, kidney problem and many more. Most of them are life threatening.

Fights Various Health Problems And Diseases


Daily intake of steroids will make you infertile and other sexual problems.


Effects Of Withdrawal

Addicted person if stop taking steroids suddenly, may imply some negative effects on the body like hallucinations, depression, nausea etc.

Effects Of Withdrawal

Prone To HIV

If some steroids are taken without proper consultation of the doctor or taken without proper information of the particular drugs, it may prone to various infectious diseases like HIV.

Prone To HIV

It is advisable not to use such steroids as it has certain side effects as well. To lead a healthy life instead of going for such chemical compositions in the form of tablets, powder etc. it is advisable t take natural or herbal to build up muscles.