10 Benefits Of Ballistic Stretching Exercise

Ballistic stretching is a type of stretching which involves in bouncing at a range when the muscle is not prepared so that it can enter into the range. The exercises can sometimes be very dangerous if not done under the supervision of trained professionals. Stretching is one of the most common practice among athletes to improve flexibility. There are plenty of motion improving and stretching exercises that are helpful to the body. Although ballistic stretching is one of the most popular form, it is not designated to anyone especially to amateur athletes and beginners, most importantly because of its unsafe nature.
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Many trainers as well as fitness experts have actually sated to avoid ballistic exercises as it is more likely to turn into injury.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Ballistic Exercises

1. Improvement In Range

One of the major advantage of ballistic stretching is improvement in flexibility. Flexibility refers to the range around which your joint gets a motion. There are plenty of different exercises that helps in increasing your flexibility of your shoulder, hip and knee. Enhancing your flexibility allow them to move freely and efficiently.

Improvement In Range

2. Stress Removal

Ballistic exercise can be relaxing both mentally and physically. The stretches you perform requires minimal exertion and are very comfortable. This gives your body a chance to relax.

Stress Removal

3. Balancing Your Body

Poor flexibility in the body leads to muscle imbalance and poor posture. Sometimes the tight muscles can pull on joints and create shift in the body alignment. People who have imbalance in skeleton- muscles are prone to injuries. To improve balance in the body one needs to perform ballistic exercises.

Balancing Your Body

4. Improvement In Dynamic Flexibility

Dynamic flexibility is basically using a controlled motion of speed and moving a muscle through the entire range of motion around the joints. Performing ballistic exercises helps in improving the dynamic flexibility of the body.

Improvement In Dynamic Flexibility

5. High Impact Activity

Athletes who perform ballistic exercises tends to be highly absorbent to impacts. Performing ballistic exercises provide them the flexibility that is required for them when they get under high impact zone to their muscles and the survive these impacts without injury.

High Impact Activity

6. Pushes Beyond Comfort Zone

All the exercise that an athletes perform are under certain limitation of their comfort zone. Ballistic exercises are some of the adverse exercises that pushes you beyond its comfort zone.
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These exercises are ideal for physically intense activities and are some of the best techniques to get out of the comfort zone most athletes tend to wind up to.

Pushes Beyond Comfort Zone

7. Improved Motor Performance

Performing ballistic exercises helps you improve motor performance of the muscles in a way.

Improved Motor Performance

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8. Hamstring Flexibility

There are plenty of people suffering from hamstring flexibility. Studies have proved that ballistic stretching helps in improving he condition of the people who have tight hamstring issues.

Hamstring Flexibility

9. Prevent Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries are common in almost every sports and is more frequent in those sports which require eccentric contraction and then quickly followed up by concentric contractions. Performing ballistic exercises on a regular basis helps in improving the condition of the athletes who suffer from such conditions.

Prevent Tendon Injuries

10. Ballistic Stretching Improve Performance

Ballistic exercises evidently improve tendon elasticity and has not shown any evident that it improves performance if used prior to a competition. Ballistic exercises if used on a regular basis tends to help improve the performance of the athletes.

Ballistic Stretching Improve Performance

Majority of the fitness experts state that ballistic stretching should be avoided yet in many cases when this must be chosen must be performed with extreme caution and taking under consideration all the factor like experience, age and physical condition. One of the safety caution that should be taken care of if you decide to perform ballistic exercises is to stretch and do a little bit of warm up.
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Other than that one should not start this technique of exercise unless and until taken advice from a trainer or a fitness expert.

On important thing that should be noted is that ballistic exercises are different from that of dynamic exercises. Of course both of these exercises tends to increase the flexibility of the body but they have a fine line of difference between them. Ballistic stretching is far more demanding on the muscles and other [parts of the body. It improves the range of motion of the athletes to a great extend which can turn out to be of great benefit. Ballistic exercises should be tried by athletes but once they have mastered static stretching postures. There is no denying that ballistic stretching is risk free but on the other hand has huge advantages which cannot be undermined.