10 Benefits of Blending Yoga With Body-Building


In earlier times, the concept of yoga had dominated the world, especially in the ancient centuries. However, people did have muscles and well-built bodies back then, thanks to a blend of yoga combined with different types of body building exercises.

Here Are Some Of The Ways In Which You Can Blend Yoga With Different Kinds Of Body Building

Warm Up Prior To Body Building

One of the best ways of using yoga for body-building would be using it as a warm-up module. For instance, you can start off by doing light yoga stretches for the back, stomach and other muscles along with hands too. You can try out sun salutation and other yoga poses that warm up the muscles prior to doing more intense exercises.

warm up

Increasing Metabolic Rate

Yoga is known as a great contributor in body-building exercises because it helps in increasing metabolic rate. What happens here is that after a set of body-building exercises like planks, you hold the posture for a few seconds.
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This helps the muscles to relax a bit. But when you make the move back to body-building exercises, it helps in making the muscles work harder, thus boosting metabolic rate.


Controls Stress Levels

Another vital factor here is that yoga helps in controlling levels of stress that are heightened because of body-building. These are exercises that stimulate stress levels and push your muscles to the point of burning out. Hence, yoga along with this form of exercises eases that stress too.

Reduces Stress

Heals Injury

Yoga is also crucial for healing injuries and preventing them in the first place too. What happens here is that with yoga, your muscles are used to stretching and being pushed to another brink. When you are working out intensively, you can benefit by first starting with yoga and then moving up the ladder.

Reduces Injury

Doubles As Cardio Workout

There are times when body builders tend to miss out on cardio exercises with too much focus on bodybuilding. Doing exercises like sun salutation combined with other quick yoga exercises helps in getting a cardio workout along with benefitting with the goodness of body building.


Improves Blood Circulation

Often, just sticking to body-building exercises alone can lead to a set of muscles cramping due to lack of flow and even muscle tension. Yoga helps in regulating the flow of blood in the body and boosts energy levels too.

blood circulation

Maintain Blood Pressure

There is no doubt that muscle building and body building exercises like interval training and HIIT are intense and cause your blood pressure level along with heartbeat to rise. Doing yoga helps in boosting and managing blood pressure levels that spruce up due to body-building.

blood pressure

Improving Muscle Form

Muscles are not developed alone by body building. It is also essential to cater to other forms of exercises like yoga for elongating their shape and providing desirable results. Yoga helps to boost muscle form and help you attain the desired forms faster.

Boosts Muscles


With yoga, you don’t have to worry about a separate cooling down session. Yoga exercises can be combined with body-building to relax the muscles and stretch them post the workout. This prevents muscle soreness and helps the muscle get back to their shape at a faster pace.


Boost Stamina And Strength

Yoga combined with body-building boosts strength and stamina. You will notice that your endurance levels spruce up much faster by combining these two exercise forms, as compared to doing them alone.

Boost Stamina