Amazing 10 Benefits Of Scissors Jumps

Scissor jumps are a Plyometric (Jump technique) exercise and doing this technique is quite simple. You have to follow these steps to do Scissors Jumps effectively. Stand with your right leg extending forward and left leg extending backwards. Bend your knees so that your front leg is nearly vertical and your back leg is dipping towards the floor. Jump gently and exchange the position of your legs smoothly like the action of a pair of scissors. While landing, try and land softly to avoid injuries. While doing this your arms should be stretched in front or to your sides all the time. Jump again and switch the legs to return back to the starting position. Do this continuously for 10 to 20 times without resting.

Mentioned Below Are The 10 Benefits Of Scissor Jumps:

Good For Building Muscles

While many of us think that to build muscles, working out with weights is a must. Some free-hand exercises like Scissors Jumps also help in building up muscles. Our muscular system is made of fast and slow twitch muscle fibres that undergoes contraction and relaxation, resulting in the movement of our body. The scissors jumps pumps up the fast twitch muscle fibres, thereby adding to the hardiness and endurance of the muscles.

Strengthen The Hamstrings And Hips

Scissors Jumps are particularly effective in toning up the hamstrings and hips that comprises the glutes. If you can do scissors jumps regularly for a few weeks, you can expect to have very attractive hips and thighs as the fat in those areas are reduced and replaced by strong muscles that gives a great shape to your lower body.

Tone Up The Lower Legs

Besides the hamstrings and glutes, the scissors jumps also builds muscles in the lower legs. This is due to all that jumping and hoping. Most Plyometric exercises tones up the lower legs because of the jumping sessions. Performing such jumps 10 to 20 times a day will help you getting rid of extra fat on your legs and also help in getting them toned.

It Can Replace The Strength-Training Workout

Yes, you heard it correct. Strength-training isn’t limited to the size of the muscles or its capacity to lift weights.
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When you grow stronger, you can do the free-hand exercises faster and better like running and hitting. Scissors Jumps are a great technique to increase the overall strength of the body. You can do scissors jumps instead of doing the usual weights to make your muscles stronger and harder.

Perform Better In Sports

As your muscles grow stronger you can endure more stress with scissor jumps, you automatically perform better in sports and games, like volleyball and basketball. Several athletes and sportsmen do scissors jumps religiously during the practice hours.
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Even if you are not an athlete, you can expect to remain charged up all day if you do scissors jumps regularly.

Reduce Weight By Loosing Fat

When you do the scissors jumps, the extra fat in your lower as well as upper body burns out to give you a well toned structure. It may be tiring for very fatty people. But they should try and do this exercise regularly in order to get back into shape and bring the body weight back to normal.

Increase Fitness Of The Body

Make no mistake, scissors jumps reduces fat and strengthens muscles, thereby increasing fitness. You will feel fresh and energetic at work, during the social meetings and when you are spending time with kids. You can also inspire people around you to stay fit by becoming an example for them.
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Enhances Your Metabolism

Scissors Jumps increases your metabolism rates. Fast metabolism not only increases the energy and fitness, it gets rid of toxins and wastes produced by the body. So the toxins don’t get accumulated in your body due to increased bowel movements, perspiration and urination.

No More Cold Hands And Feet

As the blood circulation improves by doing the scissors jumps, it keeps the hands and feet warm. You can expect lesser cramps and numbness of hands and feet by doing the scissors jumps regularly.

You Don’t Have To Invest In Expensive Workout Equipments

Since Scissors is a plyometric exercise, it doesn’t require you to buy or use equipments at the gym. You can do it within the comforts of your home. Just make sure that there is enough space around you to do the jumping without making a mess of broken flower vases or wall-hangings.

By reading the above mentioned information you can easily avail the benefits of scissors jump and loose your weight as per your comfort.


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