10 Best Lunge Variations

10 Best Lunge Variations

Lunges are one of the most widely preferred workouts for strengthening the legs and the entire body. The lunges are prominent workouts which would make your legs stronger and flexible. For toning the abs, butt, hips, thighs and much more, nothing can work best than the lunges. Nowadays people prefer to perform the workout for each body part and for sculpting the entire body equally. In this case, thee variations of lunges would help you in targeting your problem or interest area and would work on it. The variations of lunges would simply tone different parts of your body with its amazing impact.
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Also there are weighted versions of the lunges which would not only tone your lower body, but would also help in building your upper body too.

10 Variations Of Lunges:

1. Simple Lunges With Dumbbells

If you are looking forward to build some legs and arms muscles, go for this cool and amazing lunge variation which would probably get you toned and sculpted arms and legs. The weighted lunges performed with dumbbell would apply some weight on your arms and also your legs would feel the pressure. For a weighted version of the lunges, go for the dumbbell lunges and get amazing results.

Simple Lunges With Dumbbells

2. Reverse Lunges

Hips, back, shoulders and posture are area of focus while performing the reverse lunges. The reverse lunges are too the high impact workouts which would maintain and improve your balance tone your hips and butt and get you a more flexible and stronger body. Also the hamstring muscles, glutes and butt can be toned using this amazing workout. Go for this variation and witness the amazing and cool shaping of your body.
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Reverse Lunges

3. Lateral Lunges

For adorable and enviable flexibility, you must go for these awesome and dazzling balancing workouts which are also known as the side lunge. The lateral or side lunges would not only work wonders on your lower body but would also get you great posture, amazing balance and flexibility. You apply pressure on your knees and chest to balance the posture and emphasize on your upper and lower body.
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Perform this cool workout to make your body more flexible and toned!

Lateral Lunges

4. Reverse Lunges With Elevated Leg Raise

Raising one leg while you perform the lunges is one of the coolest variations of the lunges which would simply tone your abs like anything! If you want a strong and cool lower body with immense strength and cool posture, g for this iconic workout and strengthen your hips and legs. This workout would never fail to get your hips and legs stronger and balanced.

Reverse Lunges With Elevated Leg Raise

5. Lunges With Bicep Curls

Want a two in one action? Go for this cool and stunning workout which would work on both, your upper and lower body.
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The lunges along with the bicep curls make the body stronger and flexible. While you perform the lunges with one leg down, perform the bicep curls for more emphasis on the hands and legs. This workout is a high intensity workout which would simply help you build leg and arm muscles soon!

Lunges With Bicep Curls

6. Walking Lunges

If you want to make the lunges more active and refreshing, go for this super cool and advanced version of lunges and get amazing body. Stand in a steady position and while walking forward, perform the lunges with one leg down. You can also perform this amazing workout with dumbbells for more impact and toning. Go for this variation of lunges and get flawless butt and lower body soon.

Walking Lunges

7. Lunges With Overhead Presses

This is one of the happening and refreshing workouts which you can include in your lunge variation workout session. The overhead presses are amazing for the arms, shoulders and biceps. If you want to sculpt your upper and low body and build some dazzling muscles, do not forget to consider this iconic workout in your regime and make your body look adorable!
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Lunges With Overhead Presses

8. Curtsy Lunge

The curtsy lunges are reverse lunge formations which would work amazingly on your inner and outer glutes. If you are looking forward to burn some fat and build some heavy muscles over your legs, go for this cool and amazing workout and build amazing muscles of glutes and look dazzling!

Curtsy Lunge

9. Elevated Front Foot Lunges

The elevated front foot lunges makes your balance amazing. The front elevated lunges must be performed if you are an athlete or runner as it would simply strengthen your legs and get you proper balance and posture while running. Go for the amazing front foot elevated lunges for a stunning grip and toned legs.

Elevated Front Foot Lunges

10. Jumping Lunges

If you want a cool and high intensity version of the lunges, go for the jumping lunges which would simply make your legs adorable strong and tightened. The jumping lunges are simply adorable and would make your heart beats faster. This cool workout would simply tighten your legs, glutes and butt muscles and would tone you amazingly.

Jumping Lunges