10 Best Vigrous Exercises For Healthy Living


healthyWe all want healthy body and healthy mind. It just can’t happen overnight. A healthy living is the result of dedicated efforts put over a period of time. These efforts comprises of exercise and balanced and controlled diet. Intensity of your exercise helps in accomplishing your goal fast and in a better way. Heart rate increases, blood circulation increases which supplies sufficient blood along with nutrients to each and every cell of the body.

In This Article We Will Learn About Ten Best Vigorous Exercises For Healthy Living.


Swimming is considered to be the best body workout. This is a complete body workout in which all the parts of the body get exercised. The speed and flow of the water helps your body to get relieved from the pain of soreness of the joints and makes their movement easily. This is a vigorous exercise and increases blood and oxygen flow in the body. A person who does swimming regularly saves himself from various kinds of health problems. Swimming helps in increasing the heartbeat of the person, increases flexibility and is immensely helpful of those who have been suffering with arthritis.



Running is again a very good example off vigorous exercise. It is simple but extremely powerful.

This exercise strengthens a person’s immunity power, reduces excess levels of cholesterol, makes bone strong, regulates heartbeat, blood circulation and blood pressure, uplifts mood, improve digestion and memory. Besides these benefits a person can avoid several diseases. You can start with ten minutes daily and can increase by five minutes every week. Do this exercise five days a week.



Aerobics is again a very good option for vigorous exercise. Aerobics focuses on complete body and helps in reducing unwanted fat from various body parts. Aerobics helps in improving the mental state and behaviour of a person. It gives you energetic, physically fit and mentally fit body. It helps in improving the mood, gets rid of depression, increases blood and oxygen circulation so that every cell of the body is rejuvenated and prevents lethargy.


Surya Namaskar

When it comes to Yoga asana, Surya Namaskar is the best exercise. A combination of various yogic postures makes one set of Surya Namaskar. This yoga posture when done in quick rhythm becomes a good cardio exercise. It is again a complete body workout focussing on each and every part of the body. Few sets of this asana brings so much warmness and sweating in the body due to the intensity and energy generation in the body. Body becomes more flexible, nourished and strengthened. It helps in promoting mental as well as physical health of the body. It is a powerful exercise for weight loss and fat loss.


Jumping Squats

Squats are a tremendously amazing exercise which is done mainly for lower body. This exercise consists of body movements of thighs, hips and legs. It can be made vigorous by doing it along with jumping. The explosive speed with which you do this exercise helps in making your body muscles and joints strong and healthy.



Crunches are an effective way of exercise targeting abdominal movement combining both the upper and lower abdominal region. It becomes vigorous with the speed and intensity. Just like above exercise you don’t require any specific instrument to do it yet it gives you a perfectly toned and lean body.


This is one of the best cardio exercises which strengthen your core muscles, upper body and lower body all at once. It is beneficial in boosting immunity power of a person, burn calories and gives you a toned up body.


Jumping Lunges

Just like Cycling, Lunges are again a brilliant thigh toning exercise. Jumping along with doing lunges becomes an incredible calorie burner. The fat in the body will be replaced to get you dense and strong bones and muscles.

Jumping Lunges


Cycling is a very good cardio exercise. It works mainly on the thigh region of the body. It is good for legs. Doing cycling without break at which higher intensity makes it a very good exercise for the body. Like cardio exercise it helps in increasing the flow of blood and oxygen in the body.

It helps in making body flexible and strong.



Skipping is done by most of us during our childhood. This is the best cardio exercise and a full body workout. It is the best way to pump your heart and other body organs with oxygen, blood and essential nutrients instantly. Keep on adding sets with better speed to get a healthy and strong body.

Vigorous exercises requires short amounts of energy at regular intervals leading to better metabolism, sweating, lean muscle mass, detoxification and fat burning in the body. Whatever be the type of exercise, best exercise is that which consist of body movements that involve several groups of large muscle at one time collectively. So start exercising and enjoy the pleasures of healthy living!!.