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10 Body Weight Exercises That Burn Fat

Body weight exercises are termed as those, which are known to burn fat but using the weight of the body instead of any other gear. These exercises are combined with any other form of cardio and can be done as either interval training or even HIIT. The idea is that you do a bit of cardio to increase metabolism but the main purpose here is to use the weight of the body for burning calories. These work on the legs, arms, stomach, etc. and the entire body.

So Here Is A List Of The Top Body Weight Exercises That Burn Fat

Push Ups

This is the most common and the simplest forms of exercises that you can find for burning the fat, using the weight of the body. For this, you have to lie down on the stomach and then bring both hands near the chest but under the shoulders. Then you have to place palms firmly on the ground as you bring up the entire body, with toes touching the floor. Then exhale and go back. Remember you can try a variation of folding the legs if needed.

Pull Ups

For this body weight exercise, you will need a hanging rod. The good thing here is that you can try a lot of variations with the pull ups. The basic one includes hold the rod with both hands and the palms should be facing inwards. Then you have to pull your body up towards the rod and go as high as possible. Then go down again. This can be done with palm facing inwards, as a stretch form, etc. Remember to do at least 10 sets.

Sumo Squats

This exercise is ideal to train the muscles of the legs, using your entire body’s weight. For this, you have to stand with feet shoulder width apart. Then you bring both hands forward in front of you and keep them straight. Now squat down deep enough till the butt is almost touching the floor.

Here you are using the body weight to intensify leg muscles and also burn fat while doing so using the weight of the body.


Another easy but effect way to use your body weight for burning calories has to be planks. Here too you have to lie on the ground on the stomach, like you do in a normal push up. But here instead of going down again, you hold your arms straight and suck in the air from the stomach. This is an exercise that takes care of the entire body, especially your core areas.


Burpees is the right combination of doing cardio with a body weight exercise form to lose calories and also burn fat. It in fact burns fat at a much higher pace than any other exercise.

Here you have to stand straight and then squat down a bit.

As you squat, bring both hands to the floor and palms flat and then push both legs backwards. Now jump back and bring both legs close to the chest again. Stand up and repeat as fast as you can. An effective way to burn fat.

Side Lunge

In this exercise form, you are taking the entire weight of your body to one side and holding the posture. It really works because you are pushing the weight of the body to an edge and intensifying the move. Stand with legs as apart as you can. Then bend to the right side and bend from the right knee, squatting down as low as you can. Hold the move. Stand up straight and then repeat with the other side.

Dog Kicks

This is another body weight exercise that takes care of your leg muscles, mainly the butt along with the stomach and hands too. Here you have to go down on all four. Then support your weight on hands, knees and the left leg as you raise your right leg towards the butt. Hold this posture and repeat. Do the same on the left side too.

Chair Push Ups

The chair pushups are another great form of body weight exercises too. For this, you need a chair that is stable. So here place both palms on the chair, with butts facing the chair. Go down as low as you can. Hold the pose and then repeat.

Mountain Climber

For this one, get into the basic plank pose and then bring right knee towards the chest and take the leg back as you bring the left knee towards the chest. Do this as fast as you can as the entire body’s weight is being concentrated to move and work the core to burn fat.

Standing Push Up

Use a window grill or wall for this one. Like you do with normal push ups, push your body weight on the wall or window as you go down and exhale. Do at least 10-15 sets to work the upper body in this case.



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