10 Cardio Exercises That Don’t Risk Knee Injury

There are some cardio exercises that really have a negative impact on your knees. This happens because there is a lot of jerking and exerting on the joints. But thankfully there are some alternatives or other cardio exercises that you can do without worrying about risks or injuries to the knees. These are safe and don’t cause much of exertion on the joints of that area.

Here Are 10 Cardio Exercises That Don’t Risk Knee Injury:

1. Walking

One of the best and the most suggested forms of cardio exercises that prevent knee injury has to be walking. This is an exercise form that can be done anywhere and will not cause an exertion on your knee joints. Rather if you are also suffering from some knee injuries then the doctor would prescribe you walking be it fast or slow depending on your fitness levels. You can add some leg weights to increase the endurance here.

Ideally you should do about 30-40 minutes of this cardio exercise a day for best results.


2. Swimming

This is another popular exercise that you can do without pressure on the joints. Those who have injured knee issues can also make the most of swimming.

Because of water buoyancy, what happens is that there is no kind of pressure on your knee joints. In particular, exercises like jumping jacks, jogging and sprinting, which is usually advised against if you want to save your knees or have knee issues, can actually be done in water with ease. You can try out regular swimming or even join aqua aerobics for this. Do it about 30 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week.


3. Low Step Aerobics

Low step aerobics is suggested for people who don’t want to overdo with high impact aerobics but the stepper is used here for adding to the strength. Ideally one can do this at home also with just a stepper. These include simple exercises like tapping your toes, extending legs straight and sideways, etc. You should do about 30 minutes of this workout thrice a week to get results and yet save your knees from exertion.

Low step Aerobics

4. Cycling

Those who have knee injuries are often advised against doing cycling because damage has already been caused, but doing cycling on a regular basis is actually a great way to prevent knee injuries. For this cardio you can either use a stationary bike or even opt for a regular bike. Just make sure that you warm up and then gradually increase speed followed with a cool down.


5. Rowing

Upper body cardio is something that works really well like the lower body cardio too. Those who are injured on the knees or want to prevent knee injuries should try this cardio form. You can do is using a machine or even rowing in the lake. It makes use of upper body movement, giving you a cardio intensity and raising your heart rate while helping you to get your metabolism boosting. Do it 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes.


6. Elliptical Machine

It is advised that you opt for an elliptical machine as compared to the treadmill, which causes more risks to knee injuries. The cardio machine helps you burn more calories and provide you with enough support while getting the heart are up.

In particular is suggested for people with poor knee history.

Elliptical machine

7. Standing Jog

For this exercise you just need to bring your knees gently up at high speed, without really raising it so high that it hurts your heels or knees. It is kind of wogging, basically here you are standing and doing slight knee raises and moving hands up and down too.

Standing Jog

8. Side To Side Tap

For this cardio move, you just have to take your feet from side to side and then tap gently as you both feet match. Remember that the side to side tap should be done with ample of upper body movement for giving you a cardio boost. This is similar to your aerobic exercise pattern and provides amazing results without hampering your knees. Just take left leg out and tap right leg as you bring it towards left. Repeat on other side too.

Side to side tap

9. Alternate Leg Raises

This one is a gentle take on the high impact jumping leg raises. All that you have to do is take your right hand up and raise the left leg as you are doing so. Then try to tap the right hand on left leg. Bring leg down, march in place and then repeat on other side. Remember you want to make it smooth and not jerk or jump. This helps in increasing knee strength thus preventing knee injuries.

Alternate Leg Raises

10. Back Jogging

An alternate to preventing knee injuries is back jogging. Simply run moving backwards, which exerts no pressure on knees and burns more calories. Only make sure that someone is watching your back for you.

Back Jogging