10 Dumbbell Exercises For Total Body Workout

When it comes to dumbbell exercises, the good thing is that they can be done anywhere and don’t require much time. Ideally, you can do 20 minutes of cardio before commencing with these exercises or you can also do them as a part of the interval training process. But ensure that some cardio exercise is included.

Here Are 10 Dumbbell Exercises For Total Body Workout:

1. Deep Squat With Dumbbell Raise

For this exercise, spread your legs as wide as you can and toes should be facing out. Now take a dumbbell of your choice, ideally between 2-5 pounds for women and heavier for men. Now raise both hands and hold them together so that the dumbbells are touching each other. Stoop low as you inhale and lower both the dumbbells behind your head. Now exhale as you stand up. Repeat for a least 15-20 times and then do a set again. It works on triceps, biceps, back muscles, legs and of course the core.

Deep Squat With Dumbbell Raise


2. Scoop Lunges With Balance

For this you have stand straight holding dumbbells in each hand. Your palms should be facing up wards. Now extend both hands as your left leg goes forward and bends from the knee. Stoop down on your right leg too. Remember knees don’t cross the toe-line. Raise left and without putting it down, take it back into another deep lunge as you extend arms in front of you. Repeat 10 times and then do on other leg. It works on leg and arm muscles.

Scoop Lunges With Balance

3. Standing Leg Raises

This is one is ideal for the abs, your legs and entire body. Stand straight with feet together and arms extended straight with dumbbell in each hand. Lower both arms with elbows extending outside as your raise your light leg into a straight kick, which is controlled. Lowe leg and extend arms up. Do this 15 times and then repeat on your left leg.

Standing Leg Raises

4. Side Lunges With Dumbbell Raise

For this exercise you have to stand straight and take the right knee toward the right side and get into a deep lunge on the side. When doing so, raise both hands in front of you.

Remember the palm should be facing downwards and your butt should extend right out. Now repeat on the other side. Do this for at least 1 minute or 2 sets of 30 seconds for compete results.

Side Lunges With Dumbbell Raise

5. Bridge With Dumbbell Raise

For this exercise, lay down on the back and bring both the heels close to your butts. Now hold dumbbell on each hand and bend from the elbows, while resting on the floor. Now raise your butt off the floor and take it high in the air and when doing so, also raise both your hands in the air. So your leg, butts, arms and core are all engaged and working together to give you a complete exercise.

Bridge With Dumbbel Raise

6. Leg Extensions With Dumbbells

Now place your legs on the floor and keep them straight. Now raise your right leg first and when doing so also raise your self from the shoulders and take both arms towards the legs, while you are holding the dumbbells straight up in the air. Lower yourself again and repeat on each leg for about 15-20 times. This again works on abs, legs, back and of course the arms and shoulders.

 Leg Extensions with Dumbbells

7. Static Squat With Dumbbell Extension

This one is a real killer for the butts but it also engages your core and makes the arm and shoulder work. With dumbbells in each hand, go as low as you can in a squat position. Legs should be shoulder width apart and butts should go out. Hands should be low with your palms facing downwards and dumbbells around the knee. No need to move the lower body as it is already engaged but bring dumbbells towards you chest and then extend out again. Do this for about 30 seconds and then repeat.

Static Squat with dumbbell extension

8. Lunges With Dumbbells Overhead

Hold both dumbbells together with both hands supporting the weight equally. Take right knee forward and bend as low as you can, along with bending from the back knee. Raise dumbbell over the head and bend back slightly. Repeat with other legs. Do this for about a minute.

Lunges With Dumbbells overhead

9. Static Lung With Chest Press

Now get into a lunge with right leg forward. Bend elbows and bring dumbbells close to head. Hold the posture and bring both hands in front of you, working on the biceps.

Do this for a count of 15 and then change legs and repeat.

Static Lung With Chest Press

10. Dynamic Dumbbell Moves

With dumbbells in each hand, keep feet together. Then bend down right from the spine and butts, lowering yourself as much as possible. Then when coming up, bend from the elbows and bring dumbbells towards the chest and pull. Go down again and repeat for 10 counts to work on legs, hamstrings and biceps.

Dynamic Dumbbell Moves