10 Effective Benefits Of Tuck Jumps Workout On Your Body

Effective Benefits Of Tuck Jumps Workout On Your Body

Tuck Jumps, also known as Knee-to-Chest Tuck Jumps, are one of the most effective plyometric exercises that can be used to improve the agility and strength of your body, the lower part in particular. This is an utility exercise that besides giving great agility and power, acts brilliantly to burn extra calories which again in turn, aids in shaping and toning up your body muscles. Begin the exercise by standing with the legs being shoulder width apart and keeping the spine as straight as possible while leaning slightly forward. This is your starting position. Now, all your force on your toes by bending your knees and jump as forcefully as possible to make sure your knees reach as close to your chest as possible.
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But be sure not to hit your chest with your knees to knock yourself cold. While landing also give attention on soft landing as harsh landing may cause serious damage to your legs. Continue jumping for at least 10 times in a row and repeat it 3 times to get effective and quick results. We mention here below 10 amazing benefits of tuck jumps that will insist you to get into its exercising habit even more.

Here Are The 10 Effective Benefits Of Tuck Jumps Workout:

1. Improves Agility

It is a great exercise to increase agility of your body. Practicing this exercise on scheduled basis improves the muscle flexibility which is also reflected in your body fitness.

 Improves Agility

2. Exhibits Quick Action

Unlike other exercises that take longer time to exhibit results, the benefits are tuck jumps are very quick for all to see.

 Exhibits Quick Action

3. Improves Body Power

This exercise when done properly improves the overall power of the body. The effects of the exercise act on the entire body to strengthen the body muscles and promote the stamina as well.

Improves Body Power

4. Strengthens The Thigh Muscles

The thigh muscles are the main power houses for this exercise. As the primary power comes from these muscles, these are the major sites that workout the most and subsequently reap most of the benefits from this exercise. This exercise gives your thighs a well toned and powerful look accompanying with massive strength.

 Strengthens The Thigh Muscles

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5. Tones Up Calf Muscles

Along with the thing muscles, as the launching and landing pressures are uniformly distributed between the thigh and calf muscles, exercising this workout tones up your calf muscles to give them a strong and well cut appearance.

Tones Up Calf Muscles

6. Builds Strong Knee- Joints

As the primary work to distribute the pressure between thigh and calf is done by the knee joints, this is the part that also gets worked out quite a lot. Although regular exercising of this rigorous exercise carries the risk of injuring this joint, this exercise also does a great job in strengthening these muscles more than any other form of exercise.

 Builds Strong Knee- Joints

7. Aids In Weight Loss

This exercise, often being a part of High-intensity interval training(HIIT) burns up calories like magic. The effects are also visible in lesser time. This total integrated body exercise aids amazingly in cutting down your additional fats.

 Aids In Weight Loss

8. Shapes Up Your Hips

This jumping exercise acts amazingly to shape up your hips. Besides burning the additional fat, this exercise tightens and shapes up your bums beautifully.
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Shapes Up Your Hips

9. Tone Up Ab Muscles

This is a great workout to burn those annoying belly fat and give your abdominal muscles that much desired tone and shape. This is also a great workout to boost strength of your abs and that too in quicker duration.

Tone up Ab Muscles

10. Improves Cardiovascular Health

This intense exercise, besides having great physical value, possesses amazing physiological values as well. Practicing this workout promotes cardiovascular health by improving heart rate and also cardiac output.

 cardiovascular health

Just because you can jump doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do this exercise perfectly.
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Doing this exercise properly to get its benefits requires sincere and dedicated practice.

Here are some things that you should bear in your mind while doing this workout. Practice the workout on smooth surface, as rough ones can cause serious damage to your ankle and knees.

Try to do the jumps in progressive manner and use your hands to regulate the momentum of your jumps. Don’t overdo the exercise as it can damage your knee joints on the long run. Summing up the whole story, tuck jump is great fun and immensely effective move to burn out your excessive fats in lesser time and tone up the lower body muscles amazingly at the same time. More than merely practicing the workout, enjoying the jumping as your childhood makes reaping its benefits a fun thing to do too.