10 Effective Exercises For Shoulder Rehabilitation And Bursitis

Bursitis is a kind of painful inflammation which occurs in a cavity which is designed to protect as well as lubricate the shoulder joints. This condition can also be caused due to bruising orcontinuous exertion of pressure in that region. If you are suffering from bursitis then you need to reduce all those activities which cause you painful sensations in that area. Along with that you should perform those exercises which helps in relieving the pain caused due to bursitis and shoulder rehabilitation. When followed diligently your joints will feel absolutely relaxed and leads to gradual disappearance of pain. So avoid indulging in those tasks or household chores that has brought you such crucial pain. In this article we will tell you some and highly effective bursitis shoulder movements to build strong mobility and shoulders.

These Are Effective Exercises For Shoulder

Floor Slide

This is a very effective movement for your shoulders. In this exercise you need to lie on the back and bend your knees. Let your feet lie flat on the ground and both the arms stretched in outward direction on either sides.

Now slightly bend your elbows to make 90 degrees angle and fingers should point in upward direction. With shoulder touching the ground move your arms above the head in an extended position. Now bring them down gently.


In this exercise you need to pull your shoulders in backward direction and keep your arms erect and head in still position. First perform this movement with free weight and as you feel comfortable you can do it with weights too.

Shoulder Flexion

To do this exercise you need to lie on the ground and bend your knees. Now grasp an exercise ball and lift your arms up to make 90 degree angle with the ground. Let your shoulders touch the floor throughout the movement. Now move both the arms above the head until they reach the ground. Again come back to the starting position.

Hand Walk

Stand erect and bend from your waist and slowly take your push up position. Keep all the body weight on the palms and toes. Now try to walk with the support of your toes towards your hands and keep your knees straight. Feel the stretch.

Shoulder Shrug

Stand straight and keep certain distance between your feet. Slightly bend your knees and hold weights in your arms. Move your shoulders up and down and release. Don’t roll your shoulders.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

This exercise stretches the back side of your shoulders. To do this exercise place one of your arm across the body towards the other side and pull it with the other hand tightly. Be in this position for 20 seconds repeat the same move as per your capacity.

Anterior Shoulder Stretch

To do this exercise you would have to hold something over you like a door frame. Now move in forward direction leaving your arm behind in order to extend the frontal region of your shoulder and chest muscles. Be in this position for next 20 seconds and perform few more sets.

Upright Row

This is again a good exercise which helps you feel the stretch in the shoulders and get rid of shoulder pain. To do this exercise stand straight and bend your knees slightly.

Hold dumbbell in both the hands and rest your palms down facing the thighs. Lift your elbows so that your arms come in parallel to the ground. Back should be erect and wrists should not be twisted. Come back to the normal position.

Chest Stretch

This exercise helps in relaxing chest muscles. To do this you need to fix the position of one of your forearm at some place like corner of a wall etc.

Slowly bend forwards and turn your body away from that place to feel the stretch in the chest muscles.

External Rotation

To perform this exercise you need to lie on one side with your arm lifted on the top.Rest the upper arm on your side. Bend your elbow so as to point your hand in the direction of the ground.Now rotate your shoulder and move your hand up in the direction of the ceiling as much as you can. Now slowly come again to the starting position.

When you perform these exercises on a regular basis the strength of your shoulders will increase and you will feel reduction in the pain to a large extent. While doing these exercises make sure your entire body posture especially elbows are correct. Along with these exercises keep hydrating yourself in between. For capable and healthy shoulders include these exercises in your daily exercise regime. Stay Healthy and Happy!!


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