10 Effectual Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Body

Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Body

Legs are the largest muscle in our body. Working on these muscles helps in maximum reduction in body fat and weight.

The exercises which we are going to tell you in this article have been done since ages and offers spectacular benefits.

These Are Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower Body

Conventional Squats

This exercise is a must to train your quadriceps and glutes. It removes excess fat from buttocks and thighs and brings them in shape. Beginners can start squats without weights and as soon as they get comfortable doing this move they can introduce weights to make this exercise challenging and beneficial. To do this exercise you need to stand straight keeping shoulder length distance between your feet. Now lower your body by bending your knees till your hips are only four to inches from the ground. Keep your back straight and abs muscles tight. Again come to normal position. You can also hold a dumbbell in both the sides and keep it by your sides and perform squats.


Jumping On And Off The Box

This exercise is an excellent cardio as when jump in every repetition you lose lots of calories and fat from the body. It is great for your lower body especially thighs, calves, shins and butt.

To do this exercise you require a box which is approximately one third of the shin. In this exercise you need to keep your body straight and abs tight. With full energy jump on the box and with the same intensity you need to jump off the box to the ground.

Box Jumps

Single Leg Squat

This exercise strengthens and balances your body movement. It is good for your hip, thigh and shins. You need to raise your left leg 4-5 inches from the ground. Keep your foot straight. Now lower your right leg and perform the squat with the leg. Slowly raise your right leg and lower your left leg and come to normal position. Now do the same way by lowering your left leg.

Single Leg Split Squats

Jumping Squats

This is a vigorous cardio exercise which makes your calves, shins and quadriceps strong and toned. In this exercise you need to do squats and when raising your body you need to jump. Follow your conventional squats with a jump.

Jumping Squats

Plie Squats

This is a beneficial exercise which targets your glutes and inner thighs. This form of squats tones and strengthens these two areas of our lower body. Take the position of regular squats. Keeping your toes turned in outwards directions, you need to perform squats. Now come back to the starting position.

plie squat


Deadlifts are the most amazing exercises for your hamstrings, lower back and butt. You can either do it using dumbbells, kettle bells or barbells.

Stand erect by keeping feet close to each other and abs muscles tight.

Hold dumbbells in the hands and keep them by your side. Now lower the body from the waist and come up.


Side Lunge

Like Squats, Lunges are also essential and one of the brilliant exercises for your thighs and calves. It can be done with or without weights. Stand erect with shoulder length distance in between your feet. Move right leg ahead and bend the left leg till it is just two inches above the ground. Now straighten your body and do it with next leg.

Side and Cross over Lunge

Calf Raises

Calf Raises is an excellent move to tone your calves and strengthen your shins. To do this exercise you need to put your toes in forward direction and raise your heel from the ground in a manner that whole body weight falls on the foot. Now lower your heel but do not let it touch it the ground.

Calf Raises

Leg Curls

This exercise is very effective for glutes and buttocks! It helps in giving a full stretch to your hamstrings and brings the backs of your thighs in good shape. Lie down on your stomach and raise your left leg. Keep the knee straight. Make sure your left leg is parallel to your back and core. Now bend the knee of the leg so that it makes 90 degree angle with the core and back. Straighten the leg and do it with other leg.

Lying Leg Curls

Climbing Mountain

Mountain Climber is an excellent cardio exercise burning loads of calories and working out the entire body. Take the position of plank. Bending the right knee keep the foot ahead and close to your hips. Now jump and reverse the position of legs. Keep jumping and reversing the position of your legs.

Mountain climbers

So these are the most beneficial and amazing leg workouts which when done in right posture and increasing intensity would help you reap outstanding results!!