10 Equipment Free Exercises To Tone Your Upper Body


A dazzling chest is not what only males deserve or crave for! Women too nowadays love to focus on their body sculpting and providing equal attention over all the part of the body. Getting a super hot and chiseled upper body is simply not an easy task and would require much of attention and dedication. There are numerous gym equipment, barbells, dumbbells and much more which help in building a super cool upper body. But if you are a natural body toner, and want to tone your body in a natural way without using the gym equipment and machinery, here are some flawless natural workouts which would get you a super adorable upper body in no time! Go for these super stunning and amazing workouts which would never fail to get you a gorgeous and super toned upper body with all your curves!

10 Equipment Free Exercises To Tone Your Upper Body:

1. Awesome Planks

Planks are adorable workouts which simply work wonders on your entire upper body. For toned arms, biceps, triceps, lifted bust and much more, this workout would simply make your upper body dazzle! The planks are high intensity workouts which would also work on your torso and abs. for amazing results over your upper body, never forget to perform planks! Perform 15-20 repetitions of planks for getting flawless upper body.

Awesome Planks

2. Pushups

Pushups are not only good for the arms and biceps, but also pushups help in maintaining a great posture and a stunning torso balance. If you want a workout which can work wonders on your entire upper body, here is a super cool workout you can try. Perform at least 10-15 pushups for getting a better sweat and properly toned upper body muscles


3. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are one of the most significant workouts which would simply make your arms and upper body desirable! The triceps dips highly focus on the triceps, arms and the shoulders and would get you a cool upper body. Also this workout would strengthen your back and torso while giving you a strong and amazing body

Tricep Dips

4. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most stunning and high impact workouts which would simply help you build amazing upper body. It is a complete body workout but yet the effect of this amazing workout on your arms and upper body is cool! Swimming requires a lot of arm movement and the movement of the upper body. This would simply help in toning your upper body in a desirable manner without using any gym equipment! Include this in your routine and get awesome upper body


5. Chest Flies

Chest flies are amazing workouts which focuses on every aspect of the upper body. From the arms to the shoulders, this amazing workout would simply tone up your beautiful upper body. No need of weight or strength training you have such workouts which can get you amazing arms! Go for rigorous chest flies without weight while jumping and having wider claps and get amazing results

Chest Files

6. Burpees

Burpees are amazing workouts for the upper body. This is one of the most significant and impactful workout which you can perform without carrying any weight or without any gym equipments. The burpees apply immense pressure on your arms and upper body while working out these sections. Try this amazing workout rigorously for 1-2 minutes a day and get stunning results soon!

7. Twisted Long Arm Crunches

From the abdomen to the arms, the crunches are capable enough of toning your entire upper body. The crunches are most impactful on the abdomen and the belly but this workout also tones the upper body and the arms. Perform the side crunches which would get more impact on your upper body, your sides and would tone your arms too. The twisted crunches are one of the most amazing workouts with quick and promising results!

Twisted Long Arm Crunches

8. Side Planks

The side planks are as effective and amazing as the planks are. The side planks are simply a stunning and promising variation of planks which would soon get you desirable arms. The side planks require a huge balance from your arms and the entire upper body and would tone your body beautifully!

Side Planks

9. Arm Circles

If you want a bit low intensity workout to get included in your workout regime, here is a super cool and stunning workout which would get you a flawless upper body, amazing toned arms and a desirable flexibility. The arm circles are immensely amazing and would get your upper body a perfectly toned shape

Arm Circles

10. Boxing

This is one of the most coolest and fun workouts which can be included in this list! If you want to enjoy and vary your body workout sessions for a change, include boxing in your workout regime for 2-3 days and watch the magic. You upper body would get toned along with your arms and would make you feel so thrilled and enthusiastic!
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