10 Important Points Of Ghetto Workout You Need To Know

Important Points Of Ghetto Workout

The best part of Ghetto workout is that it does not require help of any equipment. This way it gives two benefits, one is that when you don’t have access to the gym you can still workout your body muscles and the second good thing is that it prevents you from injuries that some of us gets while using gym machines and equipment. The perfect combination of some of the basic exercises such as push ups, squats, lunges, crunches, pull ups, leg raise and sit ups can bring you results you have not even thought of. With these workouts you are emphasising body’s natural movements. All you need is a floor, bench or a railing which you can easily find at your house, street, park etc. Unless the closed environment of a gym, you can do this work out under fresh air and uneven surface of ground which is considered to be more effective. Motion is the main key behind these Ghetto exercises. One has to be in constant motion along with ensuring safety of their tendons and joints. In this article we would tell you about ten ghetto work out everything you need to know about.

Now Let Us Look At The Ten Exercises Included In This Workout


To warm up your body you can start with running as fast as possible for one or two minutes. Those who can run can also do jogging for ten minutes.


Pull Ups

You need to perform fifteen pull ups as a part of this workout. You need to fix a suspension trainer to the bar and sit below it on the ground.
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Stretch your legs in the front and grasp the handles keeping your arms straight. Don’t lean back. Bending your elbows you need to pull your chest in direction of handles. Slowly come back to the normal position.
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Pull Ups With Palms Facing Each Other

Chin Ups

You are required to do fifteen chin ups. Stand erect on a bench so that you come near to the bar. Hold the bar firmly and jump up high so that your chest almost touches the bar.

Chin Ups

Sit Ups

Lie down on the back. Bend the knees slightly and lift them. Your feet should rest on the ground. Now keep hands to the side of your head. Elbows should face opposite direction. Slowly lift your head, shoulders and neck from the ground.

Cross Over Sit Ups


You need to perform fifteen crunches. To do this, lie on your back. Bend your knees. Rest both the arms in cross position in the front of the chest. Raise your head and use your abdominal muscles to pull the body up.


Push Ups

Fifteen push ups need to be done. To do this exercise, lie on your stomach. Now raise the upper body as such your whole body comes to an incline position. Keep the palms on the ground by your sides.
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Maintain shoulder width distance between your palms. Now with the help of elbows you need to raise your chest from the ground and lower it few inches above the ground. Don’t squeeze your shoulders.

Isometric Push-Ups


For exercise of lower body, ten lunges have to be done. Bring your right foot ahead and bend the right knee to form a 90 degree angle with the ground. The knee of the left leg will also bend. Keep it two inches above the ground. Now raise your right leg up and return to the starting position. Do it with the other leg.

Stepping Lunges

Jumping Squats

You need to perform ten jumping squats where in after squats you have to jump. This gives you benefits of cardio vascular and strength training. Keep hip width distance in between the legs and bend your knees by pushing your hips behind. Knees will become parallel to the ground.
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Now comes to the starting position and jump.

Jumping Squats

Leg Raises

You need to do ten leg raises. For this lie flat on your back and raise both the legs above the ground. Legs should be kept straight and feel the stretch on the calf muscles. You can also do with alternate legs.

Straight Leg Raises

Hand Stand Push Ups

You need to do ten push ups. Here every time when you bend down you need to raise one of your hands above in the air. Do it with alternate hands. This is more challenging than normal push ups.

Hand Stand Push Ups

Ghetto workout especially suits people who don’t want to spend money on costly gym centres and choose for a safe and affordable option of exercising. You enjoy and realise your goal for a stronger bone and articular system, muscular system and cardiovascular system.