10 Inexplicable Ways To Get Washboard Abs

Everyone wishes for well-toned and tighter abs. It makes one look attractive and presentable. Trim figure increases your self-esteem and makes you feel happy.

There are some cool and simple ways that will take your workout to the next stage. Doing these amazingly simple moves you would start developing abs in your abdomen. A six pack ab body is not very far with these superb moves. You can practice them without any special training. In few weeks you would be ready to flaunt your lean and trim abs. In this article we will tell you yen bizarre ways to get washboard abs.

The Monster Workout

In this type of workout you need to act like a monster. Stand quietly in a room and wait for a person to enter into the room. As soon as they enter you need to make a loud roaring sound of “BOO!” This would make them scared but doing so you will develop your first ab in the abdominal region. Along with roaring you can bend up and down and do this ten times that will show up the results sooner.

Introduce Some Dance Moves In Your Routine Yoga Class

Yoga in the form of quick dance steps will also help in developing your second ab on the abdomen. Your stomach muscles will get dense and strong leaving no room for belly fat. With regular dance steps you would soon realise that you have got second ab on your abdomen.

Push-Ups And Solo Crunches

Push ups and Crunches would definitely help you a lot in gaining a fittest masculine body that leave everyone awestruck. With regular sets of push ups and crunches you would feel pressure on your abdomen which will burn the fat and give you a perfectly adorned abdomen. The more intense and quick is your move the more rapid will be the fat burning process. It is a wonderful addition to your regular workouts. There comes a clear visible third ab on your abdomen.

Starting Small And Rolling With It

Start doing things on your own. Instead of taking help of any other person, leave your place and do it by yourself. For ex: You should make a habit of take staircase when others are choosing lift or escalator. These little things when done regularly will go a long way to get your body in shape.

Riding A Bicycle

We all have run bicycle in our childhood days and we were so fit at that time. With passing age we stopped all these exercises and become out of shape. Regain your fitness and develop sculpted abdomen by spending few minutes daily riding a bicycle. This need not to be a mobile one, but can be a stationary one that can be easily placed in your house.

Well for many people it hurts but every painful sensation is going to take you closer to your fourth ab.

Do Household Chores

Instead of relying on a maid, it is better to do household works like cleaning, sweeping, washing etc. by yourself. The twisting involved in these works would make you feel stretch on the upper and lower abdomen, triceps, middle and upper back region, quads, hamstrings, thighs and glutes. It would tone them and strengthen them. With a stronger core you can near to developing your fifth ab.

Indulge In A Sport Or Play With Kids

Become a child once again. There are lots of sports which we can play with children. Throwing a ball and then bending to pick it up from the floor, playing badminton etc. All this will exercise many of our body parts all at once and especially our lower and upper abs. You will see sixth ab coming up on your abdomen.

Sitting On An Invisible Chair

Sitting in this manner even for a minute is very tiring and exhausting. It is not an easy task for most of us. This move alone will help you get steel like abs! It exercises your abdominal and lower body muscles including your hip flexors. Your body gains strength and flexibility.

Keeping raising and lowering your body to make it a little tougher. Doing three to four times in a day will prove to be very advantageous for building your abdominal muscles and core. Ensure that you maintain good posture and keep your back erect throughout this exercise. You would feel a burning sensation on our abs by the end.


Along with exercises and body movement it is also very essential to consume a healthy diet which contains carbohydrate and fats in limited amounts. Washboard abs can easily be attained if you maintain a proper balance between: diet and exercise. A well disciplined approach will help you see the results before estimated time.

Air Bag Boxing With An Imaginary Air Bag

You need to punch left hook followed by right hook in a slow motion for about ten times. For a well-toned oblique, tightened and streamline waistline Air bag Boxing is one of the exercises that you got to do.

Try to incorporate these brilliant ways to develop strong and toned abs. These little things when performed in your daily routine would easily give you the kind of abs which one is craving for!!


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