10 Moves That Are More Effective Than Sit-Ups

Many among us despise doing exercises while we still want to lose that extra flab in our body. There are many others who will do anything to get in to perfect shape and health. Some exercise to increase the general body strength. Whatever may be the objective, exercising is good for health and even small little activities can be called exercises. Right from keeping upon the foot and doing small little chores at home to going to a gym and doing strenuous workouts, exercises are exercises. Some exercises have been in vogue for ages now. Some such exercises are walking, jogging and sit-ups among many others. While sit ups workout a portion of the abs, it is not an exercise to work out the complete abs muscles.

We Present Here Some Moves That Are More Effective Than The Regular Sit Ups

1. Split Stance Cable Lift

All exercises that are done in a half kneeling way offers high challenge to the core body in an anti rotational manner. This means they offer protection to the spine. In this work out ensure you don’t move with your body and only your arms makes the movements. When this work out is done properly core gets benefitted to a great extent while also getting saved from injuries.

Split Stance Cable Lift

2. Plank Variations

While there are innumerable variations provided in Plank exercises only those that would focus on tightening the Glutes and hips in the proper line are the real plank exercises. Plank variations must be done for dynamic strength and isometric benefits rather than following every version provided by Trainers all across. Ensure you only follow the correct version of the plank exercises to achieve adding strength to the core

Plank variations

3. Turkish Getups

While this type of getups focuses on grooming the core they work out every bit of the body. It focuses to transfer force from the lower body to the upper body. It burns heart rate while working on the abs and oblique. Spine rotation happens while doing each rep.

Turkish Getups

4. Ab wheel Roll Outs

If doing sit ups does not get converted to consistency and core strength it is not use doing these at all. Kneeling down on the floor, bend and hold the sides of a small wheel. Rotate it to the farthest and bring back near your body. This will completely work your core while stretching your hands and legs.

Ab wheel roll outs

5. Dead Bugs

In this form of workout that focuses predominantly on your core. It not only strengthens your core and makes you ready for doing larger and more strenuous exercises.

If you do not opt for roll outs then Dead Bugs is your immediate next best alternative to focus on strengthening your core.

Regularly doing Dead Bugs helps maintain core strength while strengthening the other aspects that is involved in the workout

Dead Bugs

6. Suitcase Dead Lift

This is a heavier load workout and this is the major difference between Suitcase dead lift and the side-bend exercise. Lateral flexion of spine is the focus and this happens when leaned over on one side with the weight. By standing motionless carrying heavy loads and again stabilizing, focus remains completely on core strength.

Suitcase dead lift

7. Hanging Leg Raise

This is a highly effective exercise when compared to sit ups since the extension of the thoracic area is erect and does not support poor posture as it happens in sit ups. The chest remains high and slowing the speed will add pressure to the abs value adding to the effort for a core workout.

Hanging Leg raise

8. Inverted Rows

To reduce injuries to the body while still working out the core, regularly do exercises like box jumping, jumping rope, inverted rows, jump squat, pull ups for body weight and pushups. Do inverted rows regularly to strengthen your core while working out most of the muscles in the body toning them into perfect shape.

Inverted rows

9. Overhead Press, Dead Lift And Squat

Significant barbell actions in the squat, dead lift as well as overhead press works out the core with their complete stretch movements. Increasing weights on all these types of exercises will only further strengthen the core. Performing these workouts in the perfect posture will further strengthen the core and act as a forerunner to your proposed big lifts

Overhead press, dead lift and squat

10. Pull ups And push ups

Pushups and pull ups have always remained the best alternatives for Sit ups. They work out the core to the best possible extent. Doing these consistently works out many muscles across the body both toning as well as strengthening them

Pull ups and push ups

The above mentioned exercises are very effective in maintaining good health and well being. Try them out and see the difference.