10 Moves To Sculpt Your Body With Exercise Bands

Body With Exercise Bands

Fitness freaks and trainers always come up with variety of workouts and measures through which the workouts can get more fruitful and beneficial. To get better impact and results, it is very important to try things which can enhance the results of your workout. The exercise bands are highly trending and are capable enough to get you amazingly sculpted body. The moves with exercise bands provide flexibility, shape, and perfect toning to various body parts making your workout efforts highly result oriented. If you have never ever used the bands for workouts thinking that they are for the exercises used for skin injury repair, you are mistaken and must try these moves. These are top

10 Moves Using The Exercise Bands Which Would Help You Get A Flawless And Stunning Body Within No Time

1. Leg Rows With Band

Leg rows are amazing workout which makes the legs, arms and back highly toned and stunning. If you want a mild workout for your knees and legs, this is a workout you must try. Fix the band on one leg and stretch the band and leg upwards in the ceiling direction. This amazing workout would perfectly tone your arms and legs and provide a stunning posture.

 Leg Rows With Band

2. Speed Curls For Biceps

If you are addicted to tone your biceps, here is an exercise with a band which would get you toned and perfectly shaped biceps. Hold the band with both the hands and fix it under your legs. Hold the band straight and then raise your hands upwards just like you are stretching the dumbbells. Perform 20 repetitions in a session daily and start the toning of your muscles and biceps.

Speed Curls For Biceps

3. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts with bands is an amazing and fun idea. If you love to perform leg lifts, try performing it with the exercise bands and get dazzling results.

Leg lifts are awesome for the legs and knees and would tone your body in a dazzling way. Get on your hands and knees and fix the band at the hips. Now perform the leg raises and wait for 2-3 minutes.

This move would tone your legs and thighs all the way beautifully!

Leg Lifts

4. Squats With Bands

Squats help in toning the legs and the hips along with the abs. you can perform this amazing workout along with the bands you make it more fruitful and qualitative. Hold the band handles with your hands in backwards making your hands rest on the shoulders. Get the band under the legs and then perform the squats. Stretch while you perform the squats and make your workouts more powerful.

Squats With Bands

5. Lunges With Curls

Lunges are the most prominent and beneficial workout for the legs and arms. If you want perfectly tones up biceps, legs and thigh, try this amazing lunges variation using the resistance bands and make your body desirable shaped. You would get multiple benefits of curls and lunges together with this awesome workout. Stand in a straight position with bands in hands and under the legs. Now move into the position of performing lunges. Perform 5-10 repetitions for each leg in the beginning and gradually get fine body.

Lunges With Curls

6. Overhead Presses With Bands

Overhead presses works amazingly on the biceps and the upper body. If you use dumbbells and need a break and change, try performing this amazing exercise with resistance bands and get dazzling results. Stretch the band in the upward direction and you would feel the pressure and muscles of the biceps and arms getting worked out beautifully.

Overhead Presses With Bands

7. Crunches With Band

Another amazing exercise for abs and upper body with bands would get you flawless arms and abs. perform this awesome workout using the resistance band tied to the wall or holder. Just like a pull down, perform the crunches while stretching the band towards the knees.

 Crunches With Band

8. Side Lunges With Band

Side lunges work amazingly on the sides, arms and the legs. It gives a perfect posture and strength to various muscles of the body. Get the band under one leg and hold the band with single hand of the same side. Now stretch like the side lunges towards the opposite leg and you would feel some pressure and tightening in your legs and hands.

Side Lunges With Band

9. Side Raises

Side raises are amazing and would give you a tighter grip along with perfect stretching. Hold the belt with a single hand and stretch the band in the outer side.
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Perform this amazing workout for dazzling results. It is a very simple and effective workout using band.

Side Raises

10. Chest Fly Using Band

Chest fly is the best workout you can try for sculpting your upper body. Focusing in the shoulders, hand, arms and back, this amazing workout would simply get you stunning results.
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Hold the band with both hands and tie it on the backside. Now stretch the band as if you were flying.
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Pull the band in the front and you would feel the toning.

Chest Fly Using Band