10 Moves To Triple-Sized Traps

The muscles which are known to increase muscularity, power and dominance to a person’s physic are known as traps and trap exercises need to be targeted to the part a person wants to use mostly in their activities and thus needs to be decided on effectively.
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 While trap exercises are plenty as per need, here we are with the top ten moves to triple- sized traps!

Here Are The 10 Moves To Triple-Sized Traps:

1. Heavy Barbell Shrug

This exercise is best done using the heaviest of barbell that you can probably carry with an over hand grip and then shrugging the shoulders up and down. While this motion helps build stress and creates tension in the traps helping in muscle growth, doing it wrong and shrugging the shoulders front and back might harm the spinal cord. Thus, beware.

Heavy Barbell Shrug

2. Hang Snatch and Hang Clean

This one is similar to the ones that the Olympic weightlifters do in their task where they need to lift up heavy weight from the ground, just barring the fact that here, you would need to lift the weight from just about above the knee region.

Hang Snatch and Hang Clean

3. Push And Press

This one can be achieved well by holding the weight to the shoulder or at the chest region while you are in a squat pose and then place the weight over the head while getting the control over the body. This indeed helps in increasing the traps in the upper body regions.

Push and Press

4. Giant Strip Set Barbell Shrug

Pretty much similar to the regular Shrug exercise, this one also uses the heaviest possible weight with which one can stand straight with and shrug the shoulder region in an upward and downward motion while the weight is held in an over hand and wide grip. While this exercise is done post the gym sessions, it is tough and exhausting which in turn helps gain greater traps than any of the exercise mentioned in the list!

Giant Strip Set Barbell Shrug

5. Rows, Chin Ups and Pull Ups

While these are by far the most basic and the mostly seen and practiced exercise forms in the gym, they are extremely effective where traps are concerned. All the three, rows, chin ups and pull ups not only help build middle and lower traps, they also help a lot in overall buildup of the body too!

Rows, Chin Ups and Pull Ups

6. Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

In case you are a spectator of the “World’s Most Strongest Men Show”, you would understand this exercise regime a lot better. To do this, you would need to get hold of dumbbells which are equal or more than your total body weight and carry and walk with them for at least a distance of 50 to 100 yards. This one is a true gem in terms of building up of shoulder traps as well as upper body traps and also provides relief to any injuries of the back inflicted previously.

Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

7. Hex Bar Dead Lift

This can easily be termed as the exercise regime which is an all in one body regime which has the capability of creating tension within the traps. To practice this one, you would need to stand with your legs about half a meter away from each other and then lower the hip backwards with the weights. This exercise helps due to the fact that it creates a way higher level of tension and helps one lift more weight as the strength gets distributed all over the upper torso region too!
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Hex Bar Dead Lift

8. Overhead Squat Exercise

Simple as its name, it just needs one to hold a weight bar with the help of a wide grip behind the head region and then completing the usual round of squats. Even though technically and usually, squats are associated with the lower body and leg exercise regime, this one helps build and grow the traps in the upper body parts as well, and effectively too!

Overhead Squat Exercise

9. Face Pull

Another exercise which helps build greater traps is the face pull which can be easily done by getting the hold of an attached rope usually attached to a cable machine and then by pulling it towards the face. While you do this, make sure that your body is still and that your shoulders should only be in motion, which in turn helps gain traps in the upper chest region as a result!

Face Pull

10. Rack Pulls

This exercise needs to be practiced with a slight heavy weight and with the barbell just above the knee region and then starting off with the frontal and backward motion is the right way to initiate the same. Even though it is the hips that seem to be working out in here, the lower back is tensed effectively creating great traps!

Rack Pulls