10 Quick Guidleines To Build Brawn

10 Quick Guidleines To Build Brawn

Building brawn has always been a craze in men as this gives them a confident look and also a great self satisfaction. Whatever the reason might be, any person would love to see his well toned brawn body into the mirror in the long run. Thus to make things easy, discussed below are some quick tips which helps in building brawn.

Multi-joint Exercises

Multi joint exercises are for those people who are not muscular and want to build their muscles quickly, unlike the single joint exercises like triceps extensions and bicep curls which are mainly effective eon those who have muscle build up beforehand. The multi joint exercise include ones like bench pressing, dead lifts, squats, and cleans. These kinds of exercises help a person to build more muscles quickly and also help them to lift more weight than they actually can with single joint ones!

Dumbbell Seated Row

Avoiding Or Minimizing Cardio Workouts Are Beneficial Here

In case one is intent on building the brawn, the person needs to save calories too which are needed to build the same. Thus, it is advisable to limit the cardio regimes like cycling and running which uses up the much needed calories, to a minimal warm up level and concentrate more on weight training which builds brawns in the longer run.

Cardio Exercises

Some Supplements Do Work

Usually brawn building supplements are not advised, but some of it are actually beneficial for the building activities. Two such important supplements which help in building the brawn quickly are creatine supplement and high quality protein powders available in the market. Consumption of both these supplements gives a great result instead of having others like beta alanine and nitric oxide which gives minimal result.

Make Sure You Eat Supplements

Taking Adequate Rest Is Important Too

It is well known that people are advised not to strain the muscles in the body by overdoing the things in anticipation that it will yield better results. On the contrary, overdoing the excersise does more harm than good to the body. Thus, it is important to give the worked out muscles adequate rest after a strenuous workout and needs to be given time to rebuild and repair which usually takes about 72 hours to fully do so. Thus the best way to follow this rule is by not moving the muscle until it is fully repaired. Working on a certain area on Monday & Thursday, another on Tuesday and Friday and the set more on Saturday and Wednesday helps a lot.

rest from workout

Staying Away From Stress Is The Mantra

Another important thing to keep in mind while thinking of building brawn is by staying away from stress by following deep breathing and relaxing. A stressed out mind and bosy actually drains out the hormone called testosterone which is responsible for building brawn in the long run.

Increased Self Confidence

Lifting Exercises Are Necessary

Another important thing to practice while planning to build the brawn is by wearing and tearing the muscle fibers by subjecting them to external forces which they are not used to. This can be done by lifting exercises such as working out with dumb bells, weight lifting machines and barbells which helps in building the brawn in no time.

Weight Lifting Facts

Heavy Weight Exercises Are A Must Do

In the usual cases, mostly it has been seen that people who are looking ahead to build brawn are not intent to take on adequately effective heavy weights which is not advisable. In order to make quick brawns, one needs to lift weight in a range of eight to twelve repetitions per set and while doing three to eight set per exercise using such weight which fails the muscles completely post the completion of each set. It is due to these factors, body builders have a partner to help out while doing heavy weight exercises so that when they feel that the weight is too heavy in the middle, they have their partners to help. Once they regain their energy after a bit of relaxation they get active and complete the entire set. This actually should be the manner in which anyone should finish the weight exercise and take breaks if necessary in the middle, but making sure that the weights adequate and there is a partner to help out too.

Perform Low Number of Repetitions Using Heavy Weights

Eating Is Important

Food is of utmost importance in order to build the brawn as every pound of muscle increase needs at least 3500 extra calorie food intake. But it is advisable not to eat just anything one can lay their hands on. Instead, one should consume food rich in protein content like avocadoes, beef, coconut milk as well as healthy carbohydrate foods like yams, sweet potatoes and etc.

eating is imp


While resting the muscles, just normal rest is not adequate but the muscles need extra care to rebuild itself and get back to original state! The care required in the recovery of the muscles include cold showers, massage therapy, stretching, adequate sleep, rice baths, foam rolling, breathing exercises, compression clothing and et al.


Checking The Hormonal Balance & Deficiency

In case one is trying to build up the brawns post the age of 30, chances are there that hormonal imbalances and deficiencies can slower the muscle growth. Thus, it is advisable to get medical help in case there is any such hormonal issue and take adequate medications to solve it.

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