10 Reasons To Physical Exercise Is Important

 Physical Exercise Is Important

In the current e-age, most of our works get done without moving anything more than our fingers. Even for our entertainment we have switched from outdoor games to playing games on our cell phones which reduces our mobility. We are increasingly becoming a generation of lazy and unfit people. If we moved around more, i.e. exercised, we may benefit ourselves so much. How? Read on.

Feel Energetic

Exercising helps you feel energetic. You feel capable of doing more work for longer time.
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There is greater blood flow in all the muscles, organs and your brain. You are more likely to feel tired doing work in front of your computer than playing out all day.


Lose Weight

Exercising is a better way to lose fat than dieting because it increases your metabolism and you burn more fats than you do usually. It tones your body and gives you shapely muscles that not just makes you leaner, but also make you look fitter and more attractive.
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Lose Weight

Uplift Mood

While working out, our body secretes hormones known as Endorphins which is an instant mood uplifter. It helps combat depression and improves one’s self-esteem. It also helps secrete adrenalin and dopamine to some extent that makes you excited and upbeat.

Uplift Mood

Increase Immunity

By exercising you can gain greater immunity. Mild exercising is known to reduce blood-pressure, heart ailments, diabetes and a host of other diseases and is the only known way to keep a control over many diseases and health conditions.

Boost In Immunity Level

Improve Brain Functioning

It stimulates the grey cells present in our brains that enhances our memory and our ability to think, reason and make decisions. If you feel a brain clog, you definitely need some cardio-vascular workout or some yoga.

Control the Brain

Improve Sex Life

Exercising gives a boost to your sex-life. Since your body gets toned, you are able to maintain your posture during sex. Core strength is of importance in having good sex and it improves through exercising. You also gain the flexibility to try out different sex positions and make sex more fun for both of you. If you are a male, you will also feel that your stamina is improved and you can go for longer.
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Enhances Your Sex Life

Keep Life Organised

A person who exercises daily tends to be more disciplined in other aspects of his/her life as well. You will have to keep a set time for your exercise, do the fixed number of repetitions of each exercise and be regular at this. This makes your tendency in general to be organised and disciplined.

A Way To Enjoy

It can be a fun activity by itself and a good way to enjoy with partners or in groups too. So many people exercise as a hobby as it gives them a so called “high”. If you exercise with your family, you can also inculcate in them an affinity for fitness and you can also bond with them.

Maintain Healthy State of Mind

Increase Life Span

Most of the people who have lived as long as 100 or 120 years have admitted to be doing some form of physical activity that involves a lot of movement on a regular basis. Exercising increases flexibility and makes bones and joints strong, thereby preventing older people from falling .

Increase Life Span

Save Money

Though an indirect benefit, exercising saves money by reducing medical bills generated because of sedentary lifestyle diseases. Exercise is the perfect example of prevention being better than cure.

Save Money

It sounds motivating, doesn’t it?
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So start with whichever form of exercise suits you; walking briskly, running, weight lifting, playing some sports, dancing, yoga, pilates, martial arts to name some. Wish you a healthy life ahead.