10 Surprinsingly Benefits Of Butterfly Chest Workout

The chest butterfly exercise is one of the most effective workouts to tone up your chest and associated muscles and make them stronger at the same time. Although mainly designed to target the pectoral muscles, this workout helps to build up almost your entire upper body part. This workout can be performed in several ways.
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The basic manner in which it can be done is by sitting on a cable machine. Place your hands parallel to the ground by the side of your body and grab the weight attached cable handle. Make sure your chest is as stretched as it can get. This is your starting position. Now pull the weights by squeezing your chest and bringing the fists together. Then restore your arms to the starting position again to complete the move.
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If you don’t have a cable machine, you don’t need to worry.
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You can perform the exercise with dumbbells also by sitting on a chair with back support or just by standing.

This chest butterfly exercise can also be done with an exercise ball to emphasis more on other accessory muscles in addition to the pec muscles of the chest. In these posture also the basic movement remains the same with slight modifications that in these modes you do have to concentrate on balancing the weights more with your body which are otherwise naturally done by the cable machines.

Here Are 10 Benefits Of Butterfly Chest Workout:

1. Aids In Weight Loss

Chest butterfly is a great exercise to burn up your unnecessary calories. It helps to lose the flab in your upper body, especially in the chest area and helps to lose those extra pounds accumulated here and there.

 Aids In Weight Loss

2. Tones Up Upper Chest Muscles

The chest butterfly workout acts to strengthen the upper chest muscles, specifically speaking the pectoralis major muscles. Regular exercise of this workout gives a defined pectoral muscle which in turn, provides a more toned and attractive appearance of the torso for men and aids in giving women a firmer chest and natural lift to their breasts.

 Tones Up Upper Chest Muscles

3. Strengthens Lower Chest Muscles

In addition to the upper chest muscles, this exercise also acts to tone up your lower chest muscles. This prevents men from getting annoying perky man-boobs which is often resulted after building bigger upper chest muscles only and also helps women to get a firmer breast and prevents untimely sagging.

strengthens Lower Chest Muscles

4. Broadens The Chest

It is an excellent workout if you are looking to broaden your chest area. The spreading pattern of this workout, when done on regular basis, acts to widen the chest muscles and shoulder to give your upper body a broad look.

Broadens The Chest

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5. Tones Shoulder Muscles

In addition to the chest, this exercise acts to tone up and strengthen your shoulder muscles to support your broadened chest muscles. As a result it gives you strong shoulder muscles to support your shoulder joint and prevent shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Muscles

6. Gives Strong Biceps

Since the exercise and weight lift is carried out by the hands, as a synergistic effect, this exercise acts to strengthen the biceps and give you strong and fuller biceps to flaunt.

Gives Strong Biceps

7. Works Out Triceps

It completes strengthening the upper hand region by also working out the triceps along with the biceps to give your upper arm a well toned look.

Works Out Triceps

8. Strengthens Forearms

When strengthening the arms is considered, forearms don’t lag behind either. This exercise also acts rigorously on the forearms to give them a broad and toned look.

 Strengthens Forearms

9. Gives Flatter Abs

Just as the biceps, this exercise also acts on the accessory abdominal muscles to flatten the abs and give you strong, flat and well-cutted abdominal muscles.

Gives Flatter Abs

10. Shapes Up The Lats

As an added benefit, this exercise acts to shape up your lats and give you a strong lat muscles to attain the much desired ‘V’ shaped upper body.

Shapes Up The Lats

Make sure you feel the strain on your chest while doing the exercise. If you are not feeling the strain on your chest and instead feeling it elsewhere like biceps or lats etc. then you are doing it the wrong way. The reason for it may be that you are lifting excessive weight for your capability and leaning forward to complete the move. Besides not achieving your goal to strengthen your chest, the inappropriate performance of this exercise can cause serious injuries to your back and shoulders.
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So make sure you do it properly.If you are really interested in building a super toned upper body, ask your physical instructor to incorporate butterflies in your exercise regime. It will enable you to achieve all the above mentioned benefits of this fantastic exercise and allow you build a fabulous torso that once you only dreamt of.