Exercising is a must in today’s world. And a treadmill comes in handy when you are lazy and don’t feel like going out for a walk or a run. If you have a treadmill at home, you can save yourself from the laziness and you can work out whenever you want without looking out of your window. It is the best when it is raining outside, or you opened your eyes at the time when sun was all up and shining and you don’t feel like going out for a run at that time, treadmill comes in handy and convenient. Running on a treadmill can help you reduce that extra fat, but sometimes your carelessness may lead to bad injuries caused by using the treadmill. So if you are a fan of working out on a treadmill, you should be very careful and should make sure that you do not injure yourself. Here are a few things, which one should keep in mind while using a treadmill.

10 Ways To Prevent Treadmill Injuries Are:

Wearing Proper Shoes

While buying shoes for running you should keep in mind that it is important to buy good shoes, which supoort running and walking rather than selecting shoes that are stylish. The shoes with proper grip will help you a lot and you should look for the shoes which have a more firm sole and has extra padding and you feel soft and comfortable when you wear them.

Try it out before buying and walk around a bit to make sure that yes, it is comfortable.

Proper Posture

Having great stance is fundamental for legitimate muscle molding. It is critical for the body to be in a characteristic position and the joints ought not be stressed on more than needed.

A 20-degrees slope makes the treadmill mirror the outside ground and gives the exact feel as the outside.

Leveling the treadmill and keeping it exactly leveled can be harmful for the legs.

Should Not Look At Your Feet

When you look down and run, you strain your back and your neck, which is just too harmful for the body. Make a perfect shape when you jog on the treadmill. To start with looking at your feet is fine, which is not than a minute, but you shouldn’t continue with it and should look straight and up, where your eyes are seeing what is in front of you. If you look down on the treadmill while working out, you might end up hurting yourself as there can be a possibility that you might loose the balance.

Holding The Side Bars

Yes, these side bars are there for your support but you should use it when you are walking slow you can use them, but when you are jogging or running avoid using them, as they might distract you and can injure you. Also, when you hold the bars you automatically lean forward and you end up spoiling your posture which indirectly strain your back and neck. You also support your body weight when you hold the bars and also end up loosing fewer calories as compared to when you are doing it normally.


When you overdo something, you will obviously hurt yourself. Your body has a certain capacity of doing things, and if you do it more than needed it will respond in a negative way and your body will start hurting and so will your knees. Make sure that you know the limits of your body and does not overdo anything.

Repeating The Workout

When you repeat the same exercise again and again, your body gets used to it and adapts it. While working out there are few things that you should keep in your mind, which includes time, intensity and the number of times you do it. To work out in a proper way and want effective results focus on any of the mentioned and not everything. If you focus on everything and if you want to gain the results make sure to focus on one thing. If you want to increase the kilometers you run, go steady and slowly about it. Do not run fast and run more, it will hurt your legs and your knees.

Don’t Lean Forward

Do not lean forward when you workout on the treadmill. Keeping in mind a staright posture is important as it will not hurt your back and will not strain your neck also. If while running you automatically change the posture, then slower down the treadmill and focus on the upright straight posture.

Don’t Move Your Arms Too Much

While walking on the treadmill, do not move your hands way too much. While moving your hands to much you start focusing on the hands and will end up working out less. Do one thing at a time, also the treadmill has aside bars, which might hurt you when you move your hands too much.

Following One Routine

Following one routine is also something that you must avoid. If you walk continously at the same pace, it will end up hurting your knees. Change your workout regime, and walk on the treadmill every alternate days.

Warm Up And Cool Down

It is needed that you warm up before you start any workout. As soon as you start the treadmill don’t just increase the speed, walk at a normal speed for few minuted and then gradually increase the speed. Running all of sudden on the treadmill is an unhealthy practice and you will hurt your knees badly.


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