10 Yoga Poses For Getting Rid Of Love Handles

Love handles are defined as the bulge that stays on the side of your stomach, especially for women it can spread right from the sides to the back and for men it usually leads to quicker development of a paunch. There is no doubt that cardio is essential for losing these love handles and fat accumulated there but there are plenty of yoga exercises that beat that bulge around the problem areas.

Here Are 10 Yoga Poses For Getting Rid Of Love Handles:

1. Cobra Pose

For this pose, lie down on your stomach and then place both palms next to your chest on each side. Elbows should be bent. Gently raise your upper body off the floor, right from the lower abs include a slight part of the hips and turn head backwards. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

Cobra Pose

2. Bow Pose

Get back to lying on your stomach and then fold both legs from the knee bringing them towards your hips. Hold right leg with right hand and left leg with left hand. Now raise your upper and lower body together off the floor and look up. This posture should be maintained for about 30 seconds and repeated to target all problem areas of the tummy.

Bow Pose

3. Side Plank Pose

For this pose, lie dow on the right side first and legs should be straight, on top of each other. Bend your elbows and then lift off the entire body off the floor, except the toes and the elbows supporting your weight. To make this posture a bit more difficult, you can also raise left leg gently and raise the left hand over the head to make this move more intense. Another versions here is keeping the hands straight when doing the posture. Hold for 20-30 seconds and then repeat on other side.

side plank pose

4. Extended Triangle Pose

As the name suggests, your body kind of forms a triangular posture in this one. Done standing, you have to spread your legs as wide as you can. Then extend both hands outwards, keeping them straight and parallel to the floor. Now bend towards your right side so that the right arm touches your right toe (facing outwards) and the left hand goes right over the top of your head.

This should work really well on those love handles pulling right from the core and burning fat at the same time.

Extended Triangle Pose

5. Downwards Dog

This is another effective posture for fighting love handles. For this, you have to be in cobra pose first, from there, raise your butt off the floor right up. Feet should be firmly on the ground, including the heels and your hands and legs should be supporting your weight. Take down your head as much as possible. Hold for 20-30 seconds and then repeat.

Downwards Dog

6. Wide Legged Forward Bend

For this posture you have to again stand up and then spread your legs as wide as possible. Now you have to fold both hands your on top of each others with fingers touching the opposite elbows. Now bend from the waist and take your head as low as possible. Make sure that your spine is straight. Hold this posture, now take it gently to your right side and try touching the right knee and then repeat on the left side.

Wide Legged Forward Bend

7. Crescent Pose

This one comes from the sun salutation series and is ideal for love handles. For this stand straight and then bring your right leg forward into a lunge pose. Bend from the right knee and also take the left leg as back as you can. Now raise both hands up and join them in a namaskar pose and bend slightly backwards. Now do this on the left side too.

Crescent Pose

8. Side Boat Pose

This is a bit of a twist to your regular boat pose. For this, lie down on the back and then lift your lower and upper body together to form a v-pose. Remember both legs should be in the air, not turn towards your right side giving your side handles a twist and feeling the burn. Hands should be extended. Do the same on the other side too.

Side Boat Pose

9. Extended Side Angle

For this stand up again and extend leg as wide as possible. Get into a side lunge here and bend from the right knee. Left leg should be extended straight. Now place your right hand next to your right feet for supporting your weight and then raise the left hand right over the top. Hold for about 20 seconds. Repeat this on the other side.

Extended Side Angle

10. Twisted 3-Legged Plank

For this posture, you have to get to a regular plank first. So with palms near the chest and legs together, while lying on the tummy -raise your legs and entire body off the floor. Heel and palms support your body weight. Now bring right knee to the chest and gently twist towards right side. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat with left leg.

Twisted 3-Legged Plank