11 Plank Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs

If you are sweating away in the gym doing cardio and 200-300 crunches hurting your back trying to build six pack abs, you are wrong. In fact, it has been seen that without strengthening the core, you really cannot be on your way to the six pack abs league. Yes, you should try and do a lot of cardio along with strength training, but plank exercises are a crucial part of the process.

Here Are 11 Plank Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs:

1. Basic Plank

The basic plank is simple. Lie down on your stomach and then using your heels and palms raise the entire body off the floor. Palms should be on the floor, arms straight and toes should be supporting your weight. Spine and head should be in alignment and the core should be sucked in.

basic plank

2. Single Legged Plank

As the name suggests this is the single legged plank that focusses on working right through the core muscles of your upper and lower abs. For this you have to get to the basic plank formula. Then bring your right leg towards right side of the chest and hold. Remember your right feet should not be touching the ground. After 20 seconds, take it back and repeat with the other leg.

single legged plank

3. Plank Knee Bends

This one works on your obliques and provides you with an intensive workout along with burning fat right along the sides. For this stay in the basic plank and then bring your right knee close to your chest, then twist from the waist, along your right knee so that you feel the stretch on your right side. Get back to position one and repeat with other leg. Do alternate legs at least 10 times on each side.

Plank Knee Bends

4. Plank Crescent Pose

This is a tough one and it makes use of yoga blended with some stretching. For this, again start of with the basic plank pose. Now bring your right knee forward and place the heel firmly on the floor.

Lift both hands off the floor and bend back. Put hands back on the floor and take right knee back. Now again, repeat this with the left side. Do at least 10 times on each side.

Plank Crescent Pose

5. Elbow Plank Hip Touches

For this you have to get on the elbow planks first. This basically is the varied version of the plank where you rest on your elbows instead of keeping the arms straight. What makes this move tough is the hip touches involved here. Now take both hips and first go slightly towards right side and touch down, heels should be firmly on the floor. Repeat with other side. Do at least ten times on each side to build six pack abs.

Elbow Plank Hip Touches

6. Side Plank Crunch

For this move, lie down on right side. Using your right arm, raise right side off the floor, using both feet for support.

Now bend the left arm and gently raise left leg towards left  arm. Do this crunch 10 times. Repeat on other side.

Side Plank Crunch

7. Side Plank Lift

Six pack abs is not possible without side toning. This side plank position is ideal for toning those love handles. Lie on right side with elbow under the chest and lift body the same way as you do in side plank. Now go down again and touch hips on the floor. Keep doing for 10 reps to get 6 pack abs. Repeat on the other side.

Side Plank Lift

8. Plank Hop

This plank for six pack abs move is tough, but you can do it with patience. Stay in a slightly elevated plank and then bring right leg in first and then left. Now raise your butts high in the air and hold. You can also do this move with both legs. Bring both legs up-front and raise butts in the air. Hold and repeat.

Plank Hop

9. Spider Push Up Planks

This is another tough move to build 6 pack abs. In a regular plank position, extend right knee and take it right up to the chest. When doing so, do a light push-up. Get back to position one and repeat with left leg. You will see your abs get a definition in no time.

Spider Push Up Planks

10. Plank to Cobra

For this, stay in the basic plank position. From here, bend the body down and let the stomach rest on the floor as you stretch your spine backwards giving your abs a good pull. Now get back to plank again. Keep doing this move with 10 seconds hold for each pose and do at least 10 times. You will actually feel your muscles in the abs moving – paving way for your six-pack abs.

Plank to Cobra

11. Plank Side To Side

In the basic plank position, bring right knee outwards and then back again to the core. Repeat this with the left leg. Doing so works on the abs very strongly and helps you get 6 pack abs much faster.

Plank Side To Side