12 Calcium Rich Foods Good For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders need to include special calcium rich foods since they generally tend to avoid dairy products, as dairy is closely associated with fat. Avoiding dairy products leads to a dietary deficiency of calcium which is not good for bone and muscle health. This is a cause of concern, since calcium plays a major role in several functions of the body which include building strong bones, maintaining bone health and also promoting nerve impulse transmitting which regulates blood pressure, quite important for muscle contraction. Calcium is not restricted to just dairy products. Here are some fat free or low fat foods ( dairy and non dairy) which are rich in calcium.

Include These Calcium Rich Foods In Your Diet:


Yogurt is one of the most ancient culinary products and a staple of many households. It has more quantity of calcium than that present in milk. 8 ounce serving of low fat yogurt offers at least 42% of the daily calcium needs of our body.

Soy Milk

One cup of soy milk will give you 30% of your daily calcium requirement. Soy milk is specially preferred by those who suffer from lactose intolerance. Pour in some soy-milk in your bowl of morning cereals and have it regularly.

Fresh, Dark Leafy Greens

Fresh green vegetables like collard greens, watercress, arugula and kale are some popular non dairy sources of calcium. Loaded with other minerals and vitamins, all these dark leafy greens can be had in soups or as salads everyday; low in calories and high in essential nutrients.

Firm Tofu

861 mg of calcium is present in in ½ cup of firm tofu. This meaty textured vegetarian alternative tastes delicious and is made from dried soyabeans which are boiled and then grounded before being used in a number of recipes. Firm tofy is also a rich source of protein, has little fat and offers much needed calcium.


321 mg of calcium is present in 7 sardines fillets which taste delicious. Sardines are considered to be one of the healthiest fishes with vitamin D, omega 3’s and calcium. You can have sardines fried, as a part of Greek salad or baked as you wish.

Blackstrap Molasses

172 mg of calcium is present in a tablespoon. Whenever you feel the desire to have something really sweet, its recommended to try something natural. Blackstrap molasses are dark and rich in flavor; more than the regular molasses which are available. These also contain more quantities of vitamins, iron and calcium.

Almond Butter and Almonds

Almonds have the highest quantity of calcium in every serving, much more than any other nut. Almond butter offers the same quantity of calcium per serving making it equally beneficial. This butter is low in fat and cholesterol; it is high in protein which makes it just perfect for bodybuilders.


Breakfast grains and cereals are all fortified which means they are healthier. Full of calcium and oats, these breakfast cereals are filling and healthy. Just pick the ones which do not have added sugar so that no added fat is included in the diet.


Eggs are a favorite of many, especially those who love to have eggs as a part of their breakfast. Eggs are good for bone health with their calcium content and help in improving bone structure. Eggs can be consumed everyday in different ways for best results.


Cheese is rich in calcium since it is prepared from milk. Milk has plenty of calcium, thus just as all other dairy products, cheese helps in strengthening bone structure and in maintaining bone density. Users can select from a wide variety of cheese such as mozzarella cheese which is highly popular. If you are looking for a healthier


Another popular fatty fish which contains good quantity of calcium and vitamin D. It is also rich in other nutrients like omega3 fatty acids, magnesium and potassium which is good for the body. Tuna can be easily added to your diet in different forms.


In half a cup of dried figs there is around 121 milligrams of calcium. Figs are also known for its richness in potassium and fiber along with magnesium which help in keeping the heart rhythm steady, helps in maintaining muscle function and plays an important role in bone strengthening.


Salmon is a delicious fish but an amazing powerhouse of several vitamins and nutrients which is good for the nervous system and brain. Sardines are rich in vitamin B-12 which is important for bone health and maintaining bone strength. Include salmon in your regular diet and get your everyday requirements of calcium and vitamins.Include any or all of these calcium rich foods in your diet, have them in variations and enjoy a healthy life.


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