12 Cardio And Strength Exercises To Shape Lower Body

If you take a measuring tape and notice that your waist to hip circumference ration gap is huge, it means that you need to shape up and tone your lower body. Also, if you have very wobbly legs that are laden with cellulite and notice that you feel awkward wearing swimsuits or short dresses, then you need to work on the lower body. But just toning or doing cardio is no enough to get rid of cellulite and strengthen your lower body.

You need to do a blend of both.

Here Are 12 Cardio And Strength Exercises To Shape Lower Body:

1. Butt Kicks

This is a cardio move where you have to stand straight with legs shoulder width apart. Now raise right heel of the floor with a hop and go and make it touch your right butt. Immediately alternate with the left leg. Do this move as fast as you can go for 40-45 seconds. This move will get your heart rate up and stretch your bootie, hamstrings and also the calves muscles.

Butt Kicks

2. Squat With Front, Back And Side Kicks

For this move you have to stand and do your basic squat. Now stand with feet hip with apart and then bend down into a squat with both hands in front of your chest.

Now kick with right leg and then squat, kick side ways with right leg and then squat again and repeat by kicking backwards again and then squat.

Do this with right leg for 45 seconds. Then pause and repeat the move for same time on the left leg.

Squat With Front, Back and Side Kicks

3. Skip Hop Jump With Twist

For this move you have to raise both hands sideways in the air and then jump in place, and then jump again while twisting your lower body to the right side, even as the upper body remains constant. And then bring back to centre and turn to the left again. Another cardio move that really paces your heart and should be done for 45 seconds.

Skip Hop Jump With Twist

4. Deep Lunge Plank

Get into the basic plank where you should be raising your weight off from the stomach and your hands and feet should be supporting your weight. Now from here, bring right leg into your right arm. Place heel firmly on the floor and then stretch as much as you can. Return to plan and then repeat the move on left leg. Do as quick as possible with deep stretches and putting head back.

Deep Lunge Plank

5. High Knees

For this cardio move, stand with feet together and raise your right knee as high as you can up in the air and then as it is coming down back again, raise your left knee. Do this as fast as possible to bring your heart rate up again.

High Knees

6. Side Leg Extension

Lie down on the mat supporting your weight on the right elbow first. Right leg should be straight on the floor and bring your left leg extended straight in front of you, forming a right angle with your right leg. Now raise the left leg up and bring it back down, but don’t touch the floor. Do this for about 40 seconds and then repeat with the other right leg.

Side Leg Extension

7. Mountain Climbers

Get back to your basic plank again and this time bring right knee to the chest without the heel touching the floor and then as you take it back, bring your left leg forward the same way. You can touch the heel gently or tap it if you are feeling too much strain. Do as fast as possible.

Mountain Climbers

8. Leg Circles

Now lie down on your back again and fold your right knee. With the left leg still straight raise it in the air and then make a big circle both clockwise and anticlockwise. After 45 seconds, switch legs and repeat on other side.

Leg Circles

9. Jumping Jacks

This is a simple but effective cardio move. Just jump while extending both legs out. While doing so, raise both hands up in the air from your side too. Go as fast as possible.

jumping jacks

10. Bridge Kicks

Lie down on the floor and fold both knees – heels close to the butts. Raise right leg first in the air as you raise your hips of the floor. Lower it again, but don’t let your hips touch the floor. Now repeat with left leg. Continue for 45 seconds to shape your lower body.

Bridge Kicks

11. High Kick Jumps

Stand with feet together and then as you jump raise your right leg straight in front of you, trying to touch it with left hand. Then jump again and repeat with alternate leg and hand for about 45 seconds.

High Kick Jumps

12. Floor Donkey Kicks

Get down all four. Now bring right knee towards the chest, supporting weight on hands and left leg, then extend it out in the air – as high as you can. Do for about 45 seconds before switching to left leg. A great way to shape your lower body.

floor donkey kicks