12 Laws Of Eating To Gain Muscles


Building muscles not only comes from a great workout. You need to concentrate on what you are consuming the entire day before sleeping. It is essential to have nutritional food items and other supplements as well in order to boost your energy level and to gain good muscles. It has been found that eating clean and healthy food becomes a difficult task for the people than eating whatever comes to the mind.

This Article Shall Demonstrate 12 Laws That You Must Strictly Follow If You Want To Gain Muscles

Tip the Scales

In case you are trying hard to gain muscles then you need to comprehend that achieving muscles means consuming more calories when you are working hard. You need to add one more mini meal during the day that can help in adding calories. By adding calories, you tend to offer your muscles the raw materials so that the damaged tissue can be repaired.


Evaluate And Grow

If after two weeks, you do not see any gain in muscles by adding one meal, then you need to add another mini-meal as well. The extra meals need to be a part of your daily routine which is important for the hard muscles gainers.


Protein Count

All the consumed protein foods are later broken into amino acids that tend to be reassembled in the body. The amino acid assists in repairing the muscle tissues that is basically damaged by performing hard workouts, thereby permitting them to grow bigger. In order to remember the amount of protein you need to consume in each day, make use of your body weight in pounds. Remember that if you weigh 210 pounds then you need to consume 210 grams of protein in a day.


Eat More Meals Shortly

In case you train hard, then you tend to burn a lot of calories. Eating three meals in a day may not be capable of replacing the energy loss through training. Bodybuilders tend to have 5-8 meals in a day in order to support their muscle building activities. Along with three main meals in a day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, you also need to have some protein rich snacks two three times in a day.


Eat Quality Food

In order to gain quality weight, you need to consume quality food and nutrients. Most of the people tend to make a mistake by making a poor choice of food such as fast foods and processed food to gain muscles.


Measure Your Protein Intake

You need to measure the amount of protein intake in each meal in order to ensure that you take at least 40 gram of protein at each meal.


Fix it Right

It is to be remembered that the protein rich foods can be spoiled if the preparation method is wrong. In case you prepare chicken breast at home, then try to grill or broil it instead of battering it or frying it.


Consume Liquid Calories

You need to keep drinking supplementary powder which is rich in protein in order to increase the amount of calorie counts in your body. Those finding it difficult to take a large amount of calories through whole-food meal can opt for liquid calories as well anytime in between the meal in order to obtain regular flow of energy.


Ignore Sugar Sweetened Drinks

Sugar-sweetened drinks are basically rich in nutrients but they do not give you any calories. So remove such unhealthy foods from your kitchen so that you do not get lured to have them when you are hungry.


Choose The Slower Carb

You need to remember that almost half of your daily calories come from carbohydrates. Some complex carbohydrate rich food are brown rice, whole grains, yams, sweet potatoes as well as quinoa that tend to contain huge sugar molecules. It generally takes long time to digest so you will have continued energy whole day.


Pre-bed Time Snack

People opting for late-night snacks might loose all the effort they made in a day to eat healthy. Hence, those people looking for midnight meal can go for a shake that has been prepared out of slow-digesting micellar casein protein. It can help build your muscles during your nightly slumber. In case you are hungry at midnight then just opt for cottage cheese that is actually rich in protein.


Dinning Out With Discretion

It has been found that people in the present times tend to visit restaurant quite often. When you have tasty food items in front of your eye, you are likely to overeat and make your stomach upset. Hence, it is wise to eat at home by making your meals at home itself.