12 Tips To Improve Lower Abdominal Muscle Training and Train Better


Lower abdominal exercises are an important part of working out, which are equally important for men and women. These exercises are usually same but the main difference is in their reruns. If you are not doing the exercises correctly, you might not be able to see the results as you expect. It is often recommended to go for expert guidance and tips to ensure the effectiveness of your workouts. Professionals are experienced and the best people to suggest what shall work the best for your body. For all those who are looking forward to expert advice, there is some good news right away.

Here Are 12 Tips To Improve Lower Abdominal Muscle Training:

1. Focus On Your Exercise Selection

You need to select the most effective lower abdominal exercise for yourself. There are several variations of lower ab exercises and some might be really easy. The trick is not the difficulty level but the number of repetitions you are able to do. You need to select an exercise which you find is easy to do. This will ensure you will be able to repeat it as per your goals. This will increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

Focus On Your Exercise Selection2. Do Adequate Repetitions

The number of repetitions plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of your training. If you are overworking your lower abdominal muscles, it might be harmful for you. On the other hand, if you are not repeating them enough, you are not going to see the benefits soon enough. Women should ideally start with a few repetitions and then increase the count as per their comfort level. It is recommended to start with 5-8 repetitions and then increase it to 15-20 for a set. For men, this count can be a few more times.

Do Adequate Repetitions

3. Select The Right Equipment

A lot depends on where you start working out. If you are just starting with gym training, you can easily use your home gym equipment. If you visit the gym, you can use different equipment.

However, you need to ensure, that you have enough space to workout. You should have enough floor space to comfortably lie down as you workout. Also, when you are using equipment, it should be customized as per your body structure.

Select The Right Equipment4. Target Specific Muscles

It is no good to try and isolate a specific abdominal muscle and try to work on it. It should be remembered, that complete isolation is not possible. However, you can emphasize on a specific problematic area. You can workout that specific area a number of times more. You need to choose exercises which works on the overall core strength. Do not forget the transverse abdominal muscles which are quite a rage now.


5. Build Progression In Routine

Keep surprising your body. Build progression so that your body or muscles do not get used to any specific movement. Do not do the exact same weight or similar repetitions which you have done previously. Once you have reached your goal and started feeling comfortable, its time to move ahead. You can increase the resistance.

You can do more repetitions with the same resistance. You can also build progression by decreasing your rest time as you do different sets. Try and improve the variable of each workout, instead of changing the whole exercise.

Build Progression In Routine

6. Pause on Peak Contraction

Lifting weight is crucial but holding the weight there for a few seconds actually takes the challenge to a complete new level. This is what peak contraction training is all about. At this point, the bodybuilder consciously squeezes the specific muscle, just at the end of a specific motion. Doing this will exhaust you and you might do a few lesser repetitions, but your muscles are going to work harder. Your target shouldn’t always be to reach the specific number of repetitions, though reps are crucial. However, pausing on peak contraction is certainly effective.

Pause on Peak Contraction

7. Do Not Risk Your Lower Back

Take care and not risk your lower back muscles as you set to do crunches. Crunches are effective in working out the lower ab muscles but those who have chronic back pain or problem should limit crunches. There are many other exercises other than crunches which are equally effective and will help. If you have slight soreness or pain, it means you should immediately change the routine.

Do Not Risk Your Lower Back

8. Do Not Rest Too Much

Rest is important between repetitions, but do not rest too much. As you train with machines and cables, it might be quite simple to let the pilates touch down as you are between repetitions. However, if you do this, remember the force you are able to generate with the range of motion, actually dissipates. The movement is no longer effective. The stimulus which is on the specific muscle soon disappears and this doesn’t help.

Do Not Rest Too Much

9. Take Up Challenges

It is good to make movements harder. You might not be able to reach your target repetition, but you benefit as you are able to retain the tension on the specific muscle. This helps in improving the total quality of the set, though it might not be apparently visible to you.

Take Up Challenges

10. Try Variations

If you are a beginner, it is important to dry variations in abdominal workouts. You can customize any exercise as per your comfort and increase the number of repetitions. You can do a specific set of exercises for a week and then move on to another set for another week. This will keep you motivated to continue your workout schedule while your body doesn’t get used to the movements at the same time.

Try Variations

11. Be Consistent In Your Schedule

This is of utmost importance, especially for those who are just starting off and are in deep need of motivation. You have to be consistent with your schedule. Be honest when you are keeping track of repetition and holding to specific positions.

Be Consistent In Your Schedule

12. Have A Balanced Diet

First and foremost, even before you start your workout, you need to follow a balanced diet. Stay away from all kinds of fatty foods. You need to have the right food, in moderate portions and at specific times. If you are looking forward to a toned belly or a dashboard tummy, you have to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cut out all fats, oily foods and sugar coated food. If you are not following a balanced diet, long hours of training is not going to help you.

Have A Balanced Diet