14 Office Workout Ideas For Workplace


If you think that you can just sit on the chair all day and lose weight, then you are wrong. In fact, you could try the opposite and make use of that little space you have to do some exercises at office too. Just a 10 minutes or so during lunch hour could wonders.
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You can also try doing short workouts during intervals and see that difference. It helps you get more flexible and also aids in weight loss.

List Of 14 Office Workout Ideas For Workplace

Back Stretch

This is one of the easiest exercises you can do at work. Just sit on your chair and raise your hands above the head. Now interlock them. Doing so stretch your back really well and gently bend and hold towards right side then the left. Do this 8-10 times to give your back muscles a good workout.


Chair Dips

Make sure that you put the chair against a wall so that it stops moving. Then stand with your back facing the chair. Now place palms on the chairs, with elbow bent and go into a deep squat or bend down as low as you can. Stand up again, without taking hands off the chair and then go low. Do this 10 times at least.


Chair Squats

Using your chair as a tool, go down into a squat position as if you are going to sit on the chair. Then instead of sitting, just squat deep enough to be one inch above the chair. Make sure knees don’t cross your toes. Do this 10-15 times.


Leg Kicks

Stand with feet together, your hands using the support of your chair for balance. Then gently kick your right leg towards the side or extend it towards the side. Do this 10-20 times. Now repeat the same with your left leg. You can also do this for donkey kicks or back kicks, which works the butt muscles too.
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Neck Rotations

This one is ideal to get rid of the pain in the neck along with strain. Sit up straight and then rotate neck clockwise and then anti-clockwise. It really helps.


Hands Wrist And Leg Rotations

Just sit on the chair and extend hands in front of you. Now rotate wrists clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Do both hands together. Also, take one leg at time and then clockwise and then anti-clockwise. The same should be done with your hands too.



You can do cardio in the privacy of your cabin too. For this, just stand in place and start marching. While doing so, try to raise hands above the head as if you are trying to touch the roof. Do it fast and then go slow. This helps in you getting a quick cardio exercise.


Wall Push Ups

This one really helps in increasing the strength of your shoulders, stomach muscles and also hips. For this workout, stand straight and press both hands against the wall, while the arms are straight. Slowly put all your weight on the hands, suck stomach in and then bend elbows outwards, as you push yourself towards the wall. Go back to first position. Do this at least 20-30 times. While doing so, raise ankles too (without shoes) for making your legs move too.


Tricep Kicks With Weights

This workout can be done in office, using water bottles as weight. Take two 1 litre bottles in each hand. Then, while marching, bend your back slightly. Now raise your hands in front of you, towards the side and also backwards so that you are able to get a triceps workout. Do for 2-3 minutes.


Hamstring Curls

This won’t cause you to sweat more, but gets your cardio taken care of at work. Just stand with feet shoulder width apart. Then bring right heel towards right butt. Repeat with other leg. You can do this using weights on hands, moving hands or even extending them. Do for 4-5 minutes.


Side Sweeps

Stand on your feet and spread legs slightly, now gently sweep both hands towards left and then towards right. Do it in slow and quick motions to get muscles working. It works as a stretch and cardio workout.


Seat Squeeze

This one gets your stomach muscle moving, even as you are sitting. Sit with back straight and then suck in your stomach muscles as hard as you can. Keep breathing and count till 10. Release them gently. Then repeat.


Jumping Or Skipping

Just take off your formal shoes and get warmed up with light jumping. Then speed up so that you can get some sweat and make the workout intense.


Stair Walking Or Running

Go up and a the stairs during office hours. It’s a fast and effective way to burn calories, lose fat and all of this just at your workplace and free of cost too!