15 Amazing Body Building Tips For Beginners

Body Building Tips For Beginners

A person’s success in terms of fitness lies in proper education regarding nutrition, motivation, training and supplementation. Beginners do not have much knowledge regarding fitness and hence face difficulties to a great extent. Starting any new task can always be scary for the beginners. There are numerous exercises that needs to be performed while opting for weight training programs. Therefore, you might be completely confused on how to begin and what to do as a beginner. This article aims at demonstrating some useful tips on body building that shall be of great help for the beginners.

These Are Body Building Tips For Beginners

Concentrate On Free Weights

The present times gyms are basically equipped with shiny and modern machinery that might not help you in gaining muscle mass. As a beginner make use of the dumbbells and barbells to build muscles.

Lunge with Weight Lift

Don’t Train Daily

As a beginner, you do not need to train yourself daily. Just visit the gym 3 to 4 days in a week and the remaining days must be spend on rest and recovery.

Lifting Too Light A Weight

Training Each Muscle Group Every Week

Concentrate on each muscle group once in a week in order to gain healthy muscle weight gain.

Warms Up Muscles

Learn Correct Exercise

Although people are lured to lift heavy weights but as a beginner it is significant to lift lower weights and to learn each exercise properly. Learning wrong exercise might have a harmful impact upon the health of the individual.

Exercise all Body Parts

Make A Program

As a beginner, you cannot just do anything you feel like doing in the gym. There must be a proper program and strict routine that needs to be followed by you. Contact your personal trainer and ask him to set the program for the entire week so that you will exactly know what areas you are supposed to focus upon.

Make A Program

Focus Upon Basic Movements

You might want to try all the exercises that you have seen over the magazines and over the websites. However, remember that as a beginner you need to focus only upon the basic movements. Try performing exercises such as squat, the barbell bench press, the dead lift and military shoulder press.

Step-Up Squat

Escalate The Weight Slowly

After having learned the basic exercises properly, you need to focus upon increasing the weights. Keep proper record on how much you lift in each day and try to increase it every two weeks in order to increase your strength.

cardio weights

Safety Belts

While lifting heavy weights, it is significant to make use of the safety belts as that shall protect the lower back.

Safety Belts

Protein Diet

In order to build up the muscles, you need to include lots of protein in your diet such as chicken, fish, milk, dairy products, nuts and vegetables. According to experts recommendation it is said that a person needs to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of their body weight. In case you find that consuming high protein is becoming difficult then you can as well include protein shake in between the meals which shall offer you with instant energy and will help you in gaining muscles as well.

Protein Diet

Earn Calories

You must build up the habit of eating quite often so that you earn more calories than you burn it. You can make use of the calorie calculator to compute your BMR. Those with a inactive job do not require having more calories. Those who are more active tend to burn huge calories and thus they require earning them by eating huge meals.

Earn Calories

Eat Quite Often

In order to gain muscles, it is significant to eat after every 3-4 hours and avoid yourself being hungry completely. You must take 5-6 meals in a day and try to include protein rich food to a great extent. Include snacks rich in protein in between dinner and lunch.

Eat More Of Fruits

Avoid Junk Food

People are lured to gain muscle weight and not fat. Hence you need to eat healthy and clean food instead of junk food, sweets and fatty foods. You need to have foods rich in lean proteins, complex carbs as well as healthy fats. Consume fast absorbing carbohydrates immediately after your exercises.

Say No To Junk Food

Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables

Along with the macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats your body also needs some micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals that can be obtained by consuming fruits and vegetables.

Fruits And vegetable

Rest And Recover

Remember that your muscle do not grow while workouts, but they tend to attain weight when you sleep properly at night. You must sleep for 8-9 hours every night in order to gain muscles weight.


Act Like An Athlete

You need to live a healthy life and try to eat proper diet. You must try to avoid all kind of life harming items such as smoking, alcohol which might adversely affect you. Try to workout everyday and give yourself a rest at night. Keep a sweet smile over the face always.

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