Exercising during the summers can be rather daunting. With humidity and the heat you really feel that you should just give up on exercising. But that is really not the solution to your problem. Another factor is that along with the summer heat comes the rain that makes the weather all the more sultry.


So what can you do to make exercising a little better during these warm summer months.

Here Are 15 Awesome Tips

1. Take Up Swimming/ Aqua Aerobics

Don’t let the weather get the better of you. If you cannot exercise outdoors because of the incessant heat then try water exercises.

Swimming is the best way to go about it because you don’t sweat a lot and it really works the entire body. Another option is aqua aerobics if you cannot swim.

2. Switch On Air Conditioning

By switching on the air conditioner you can make the heat a little more bearable, but remember that you should not keep the temperature more than 25-26 degrees. Else, if you keep the room too cool, you won’t be getting much of exercising benefits.

3. Think Yoga

A less sweat funda to exercise in the summer months would be yoga. Not only will it tone you up and stretch those muscles, but also helps in minimizing sweating. You can do it anywhere, outdoors, etc. And it is cost effective too.

4. Change Walk Timing

In the summer months, it is best to go for a walk either early in the morning or late in the evening. This time the sun is not really strong so you are able to get rid of that sweat loss to a certain extent. Walking with the sun at its peak is only going to lead to tan and fatigue.

5. Wear Cotton

No matter what kind of exercise you are doing it is important to wear breathable and comfortable clothing. Cotton is a viable option to work out and during the warm summer months, it will prevent all kinds of heat infections and rashes on the body.

6. Drink Water

No matter what kind of workout you do, make sure that you carry some water with you. Be it swimming, walking or any other kind of exercise, you should keep drinking lots of water. This will prevent dehydration and help you exercise better.

7. Play Indoor Games

Another good way to workout in this heat is to indulge in a sport that can be played indoors. For instance, squash, badminton, table tennis are some sport forms that can be played indoors and help you stay fit, while minimizing the sweat out.

8. Don’t Exercise When Too Hot

Do not over exert yourself. If the temperature is really unbearable for a workout and you are totally drained out, just forget about exercising. One day of break is not going to make you gain too much weight. In fact, if you rest this one day it will help you workout with more zeal the next day.

9. Avoid Working Out Midday

Even if you are heading to the gym or some class, do not workout when it is hottest during the day. Because the moment you step out from the comfort of the air conditioner or the class, you will start sweating badly. Extreme temperature changes in such cases will only cause more of health problems.

10. Run By The Beach/ Mountains

Perfect time to run by the beach or in the mountains, if you have such places close by. The idea is that these are windier as compared to regular places. You can also try walking near the lake or river as it is much breezier there as compared to parks in the middle of the city with no water body.

11. Cycle It Up

A breezy and cool summer workout would be cycling. As you cycle you do sweat a bit but the process is much easier as you get some air when cycling. So you are not really sweating that bad.

12. Cover Up Well

Take precaution and keep a hat or sunglasses with you. Use sunscreen even though the sun might not be too strong. Using these precautions are vital for summer outdoor exercises.

13. Stop If Unwell

If there is a slight chance that you are not feeling well or feel dizzy when working out because of the heat, then it is best to stop. Chances are you may be having a heat stroke.

14. Be Active

On days when you are unable to exercise, try being more active like getting up and down the stairs or walking around the office. This will help you lose calories. You can also head to the mall for a quick walk inside.

15. Eat Light Before Meals

Heavy meals during the summer months are not suggested. Stick to lighter salads, fruits, etc. before workouts so that you can exercise better. Do this at leas 1-2 hours prior to workouts.


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