15 Health Benefits Of Kale In The Diet Of Bodybuilders

Kale is often referred to as the king of greens due to its several nutrients and health benefits. It is rich in different beneficial compounds, many of which are known for their medicinal values. Including kale in diet in highly recommended as it offers the body, its regular dose of nutrients. Here are some of the best benefits of Kale.

Healthy Benefits Of Kale In Diet:

1. Low Calories

Kale is excellent for weight watchers as it is low in calories. It can be consumed everyday as a part of weight loss diet. It is nutritious, filling and will not add to your calories since it is zero fat. One cup of Kale has just 36 calories.

2. Heart Health

Kale is good for the heart. Include a cup of kale in your everyday diet will help in keeping your cholesterol levels under control. It offers great cardiovascular support and reduces the risks of strokes.

Heart Health

3. Liver

Kale helps in proper functioning of liver. It clears impurities from the liver and aids in better digestion. It helps in the formation of enzymes which are good for liver health.


4. Rich In Fiber

Kale is a rich source of fiber which helps in easy bowel movement. It is good for people suffering from digestion problems or constipation. It helps in digestion and helps in clearing bowel regularly.

5. Blood Clotting

Kale plays an important role in blood clotting. Deficiency in vitamin K can increase the risk of poor blood clotting which can be a health hazard. Kale helps in blood clotting function and stops excessive bleeding.

Blood Clotting

6. Antioxidants

Kale is known for its antioxidants, primarily flavonoids and carotenoids. Antioxidants present in Kale help in building immunity and helps the body fight away infections.


7. Iron

Kale is high in iron. It offers more iron to the body than beef. Iron is needed for good health as it helps in formation of enzymes, hemoglobin and helps in transporting oxygen to different parts of body.

8. Cancer

Kale helps in fighting cancer. With its rich source of vitamins such as vitamin K, it helps the body in fighting against different types of cancer. Including a cup of kale everyday in the diet is highly beneficial.

Reduces Cancer Risk

9. Anti-Inflammatory

Kale is a good anti-inflammatory food. A cup of fresh kale offers 10% of omega 3 fatty acids which helps the body fight arthritis, autoimmune disorders and asthma.

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10. Vision

Children should be provided a diet rich in Kale as it is rich in vitamin A which is excellent for vision. People suffering from eyesight related problems or eye infections should necessarily include kale in their diet.


11. Metabolism

Kale is rich in vitamin C which is good for the metabolic activities of the body. It keeps metabolism rate high and keeps all organs in a healthy state.


12. Detox

Kale is an excellent detox food. It is rich in sulfur and fiber which helps to detoxify the body and ensures good liver good. It helps in digestion and helps in reducing constipation.


13. Alzheimer’s Disease

Kale is good for people suffering from poor mental health, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Increased vitamin K in the diet helps in Alzheimer’s disease and is good for proper functioning of brain.

Alzheimer's Disease



14. Bone Health

Kale is a rich source of calcium which helps in preventing bone deterioration. It helps in maintaining joint flexibility and maintains cartilage. It keeps bones strong, dense and healthy. It helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Makes The Bones Stronger

15. Cholesterol

Studies have revealed that including kale juice in the diet everyday helps in increasing HDL or good cholesterol. It also helps in lowering Ldl by as much as 10% which is helpful in overall health. I went for advice to the Internet to find an easy way ED treatment and came across generic Levitra at http://www.noc2healthcare.com/levitra-generic/. I decided to try it.