15 Plank Exercises To Strengthen The Core And Body

There’s a saying that plank exercises comes from yoga and is one of the highly suggested forms of exercises to strengthen and build your core. Now the thing is that there are different variations of the plank and you can actually get a full body workout by doing the same.

So Here Are Some Great Plank Exercises That Not Only Work On The Core But Also Tone The Rest Of The Body

Basic Plank

For the basic plank, you have to lie down on the floor and then raise the upper body using your palms for support. The palms should be right beneath the shoulders. When raising the upper body, you should also raise both legs off the ground, using your heel for support. Arms should be straight and stomach sucked in. So this is the basic plank. And from here, we move to all other plank versions

Elbow Plank

This move involves the same basic steps where you lie down on the floor and then raise the upper body using your palms and elbows for support. The elbows and palm work together to support the core.

Leg Raise Plank

Add a bit more stress and stamina to the basic plank and take it to the next level by raising one leg at a time. This one is ideal for giving you a complete body workout.
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When in the basic plank (either elbow or arms straight) raise your right leg about 10-12 inches off the ground. Then repeat with left. So this works the muscles and legs too.

Push Up Plank

For those with weaker upper bodies, this push up plank could really work wonders. For doing this move, you have to get into the elbow plank. Then, using your palms you have to straighten the arms and get into the basic plank position, then push down as you do in a push-up and get back to elbow plank. Do at least 5-10 times for results.

Arm and Leg Plank

Improve the balance of your body and work the core with this move. Here you have to raise your alternate leg and arm together in a basic plank. So think of right arm and left leg and then repeat on the alternate sets. Hold for at least 10 seconds before releasing both.

Leg Pull Plank

This works on the side muscles along with the core. Get into basic plank and from here, take right knee and pull it up towards the outer part of your right arm. Go as high as you can. Then, repeat with the left leg. This helps in working the oblique muscles along with your core.

Plank Twists

Whilst on the elbow plank, use your hips to completely sway and bend on the right side, as you are about to touch the floor. Keep toes and elbows firmly on the floor. Then repeat the move and get to the other side. Like the leg pull plank, this too works on the core muscles and sides too.

Side Plank

Once on the basic plank, turn towards your right side, then support your weight on the right arm and leg in a side posture and hold. Extend the left hand towards your head to feel the stretch work on your total core and side. Repeat with left side.

Side Plank Leg Raise

Another version of the side plank is to get on the elbows when supporting your weight on the right side of the body. Then as you raise the left hand above the head, also raise your left leg above the floor. This makes the move more intense and exerting. Repeat on other side.

Rocking Planks

Get your abs moving so bad that you want to cry. Now get to the elbow plank where your weight is supported on the elbows and toes. Instead of staying put, use them together to sway back and forth. This really works on the core.

Plank Slaps

Get your upper body and abs working with this move. When in basic plank position, lift right hand off the ground and bring it to your left shoulder. Take it back and now use left hand and bring to right shoulder. Do as fast as possible, while holding your tummy tight.

Plank Jacks

A cardio move is added to the basic plank here. In the base position, take both legs in outwards direction and then bring back together. Do as fast as possible.

Plank Side Crunch

You will ned some time to get this one right. While on the right side of the elbow plank, put left hand on ear and then go down and come up. Repeat on other side.

Dolphin Plank

For this, raise your hips as high as you can in the elbow plan, while moving your legs a bit forward. Hold and then get back to the base position again.
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