15 Simple Tricks To Build Lower-body Strength For Men

Lower body strength is most crucial to men particularly who wants to have stunning looks and strong muscled body. Working out those muscles that target on improving the lower body strength will help men get the structure particularly when done so with the help and guidance of a qualified Physical Fitness Trainer.

Here Are 15 Simple Tricks To Build Lower-body Strength For Men:

1. Warming Up The Muscles 

No workout must be done without dong warm up exercises. Warm up exercises warms up the muscles and make them ready for strenuous work outs.

Working out cold muscles can cause damages to ligaments resulting in pain and cramps.

Warming up the muscles

2. Get Energized

Having the basic energy to exercise is the biggest requirement. Blend 200g raspberries, 250ml semi skimmed milk, 250ml apple juice and 250ml fat free yoghurt. This makes a nutritious pre-workout energy drink.

Get energized

3. Boat Rowing

Doing a 2,000m sprints on a rowing machine making the legs do the complete work by maintaining the arms straight gives the leg the mass and acts as a good cardio work out also. Mixing Nordic skiing sessions and rowing along with Boat rowing will fetch maximum results.

Boat rowing

4. Lunges Help A Lot

Keeping your feet 12 inches away from each other, lift the dumbbells one in each hand with head straight up. Stepping forward with the left leg, bend till the thigh is parallel to the floor. Do this alternatively with the other leg. The pressure will be on the legs and lower body thus strengthening the same.

Lunges help a lot

5. Kicking Back Exercise

Bending down on kneels and hands raising one of the legs behind a few inches away from the floor and then maintaining it at a ninety degrees position contracts the Glutes. Continue doing this with the other leg.
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Doing three sets of 20 times each leg will strengthen the lower portion of the body

Kicking back exercise

6. Keep Down

Carrying a barbell with both the hands, bend your knees till the thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold on in the same position for 4 seconds and return back slowly to the original position. Dumbbells must be lowered as your body gets lowered down and lift them up when you raise yourselves up.
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keep down

7. Stretching Out

This is done by standing on the left leg raising the right leg behind towards the maximum left possible. Lowering in the position of one legged squat till the opposite leg touches the ground with dumbbells in both the hands above the head helps strengthen lower part of the body.

Stretching out

8. Shape Up Your Calves

Holding one dumbbell on each hand, stand on your heels with the toes raised up a few inches above the ground level. Slowly land on your toes and lift yourself up a few inches.

Lower yourself. Three sets of ten every time will strengthen the lower body and tone up the same

Shape up your calves

9. Clenching Helps

As many times as possible during a day and respective of the place you are in, this can be done silently. Clench the cheeks of both the buttocks individually for a few seconds and release. This will make the buttocks firm tightening up the concerned muscles

Clenching helps

10. Be Seated

Positioning your leg pad across your thighs keep the balls of your foot on the platform for the purpose in a seated calf raise machine. Maintaining the balls in the platform and releasing the locking mechanism, lower the heels. Pause and return to the original position.

be seated

11. Jump

Positioning your legs shoulder distance apart and hands crossed in a cross manner in front, do the regular squat but instead of rising up in a normal manner, jump up. This is very effective than a normal squat.


12. Carving The Calves

Placing the balls of the feet in a raised position around 12 inches away from each other, in a sitting position, hold the barbells on the thigh just above the knees. Pointing the tow down, raising the feet to the maximum possible levels will care the calves

Carving the calves

13. Hold Up Hamstrings

Lying on the floor with feet up on a chair raising the torso creating an arch balancing on the hands and feet make a good exercise for the hamstrings and tones your lower body

Hold up Hamstrings

14. Thick Thighs

Doing leg press kinds of exercises makes the thighs look as strong and thick as trees. Check with your Fitness Trainer for such specific exercises

Thick thighs

15. Stretch And Glutes

Single leg pelvic lifts helps a lot in toning the Glutes. Lying on the back with the right knee bent position, crossing the other leg over the opposite direction with palms on the side and clenching the buttocks helps tone the Glutes muscles

Stretch and Glutes