15 Surprising Benefits Of Fasting

15 Surprising Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting means to starve or deprive you from any kind of food. While when done extensively it can lead to serious ill effects, but when performed in a controlled manner each day for a scheduled numbers of hours it can really provide myriad beneficial effects. Here we decipher 15 of the benefits of fasting that can surprise you to the core and influence you to tactically incorporate it in your regular life style.

Promotes Metabolism

Intermittent fasting promotes your metabolism and enables your body to efficiently burn up calories. Fasting gives the rigorously acting enzyme pool and the reaction centre i.e. the stomach a much needed break from continuous metabolic activity. In addition it also improves bowel function.


Improves Appetite

Fasting improves the hormonal regulation in the body to improve the appetite such that it optimizes the system to intake only requisite amount of food to sustain and discourages excessive consumption of it.

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Helps In Weight Loss

Scheduled intermittent fasting for a set number of hours allows our body to use up our fat reserves as the sole source of energy which in turn acts as more effective way for loosing weight than mere regular dieting.


Prevents Obesity

Fasting plays a very beneficial role in preventing obesity. By modulating the our body’s nutritional requirement and our urge to have food, it in proper and healthy way prevents individuals from becoming prey of obesity disorders.


Optimizes Glucose Uptake

Fasting has been shown to have a positive impact on body’s insulin sensitivity. Periodic fasting improves the insulin’s activity to regulate glucose uptake by cells from the blood.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

Improves Life Expectancy

Reports have revealed that individuals who practice intermittent fasting are found to live longer. Taking periodic break from eating every once in a while, improves the efficiency of metabolism and as a result enhances the likeliness of living a longer and healthy life.

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Improves Cognitive Capabilities

Fasting is reported to improve cognitive capabilities and our brain function. Owing to its effect on stimulating the production of a brain derived protein termed as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), the fasting practice stimulates neurogenesis by stimulating the cerebral stem cells and also triggers the release of several chemicals that known to promote neural health.

Sharpens Your Brain

Boosts Immune System

Intermittent fasting boosts our immune system by resetting the immune machinery and allows them to function more effectively against complications such as free radical damage, inflammatory conditions etc.

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Improves Mental Creativity

Fasting has been found to unlock our creative side effectively. It enables us to find solution to problems easily and also helps us to prosper in fields that require creative approach. In addition to this, starvation also enhances our mind’s ability to plan and organize things properly to help us achieve a previously set target.

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Enriches The Soul

Occasional fasting helps us utilize the huge amount of energy, which is otherwise utilized in the digestive system, to enrich our soul. With a lighter body and a clear mind, owing to fasting, we can connect both physically and mentally more with our immediate surroundings and also gives us the opportunity work on achieving inner peace.

Mood Booster

Improves Mental Wellness

Fasting has been reported to release the “feel good” hormones, endorphins, in the body. This imparts mental wellness by having a positive impact on the mind.


Improves Skin Appearance

With body temporarily free from harmful metabolic byproducts and associated toxins, our skin appears more youthful and rejuvenated with glowy, smooth and fresh skin.


Improves Senses

Fasting has been widely found to improve the senses, especially those associated with taste, vision and hearing. This metabolic break has been seen to promote body’s capability to respond to these sense organ receptions.


Prevents Neurodegenerative Diseases

It has been reported that fasting once or twice weekly helps the body to channelize the energy which are otherwise used up in digestive processes in direction of repairing damaged neurons which may else lead to degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases that are commonly observed in aged individuals.

Treats Alzheimer

Protects Against Cancer

Fasting has been reported to have surprising effects in killing cancerous tumor cells. Fasting is reported to lower the IGF-1 hormone which is often found associated with tumor cell growth. Starvation is also found to give protective effects to the body from the ill effects of chemotherapeutic treatments.

Prevents Cancer

With all these health benefits when fasting is used properly it can effectively help us to reboot and refresh our system and thus help our system for providing improved performance. So, avail the benefits of fasting by fasting at least once a week.