15 Yoga Steps To Get A Toned, Tight And Flat Tummy

Are you passionate about performing yoga to get a proper body posture? There are so many benefits of performing yoga. It’s a best offer for having a strong & flexible body, glowing skin, better peace of mind, health benefits, etc. There are different types of yoga exercises for getting a most liked and tones tummy. Following are some interesting yoga poses that will help you in toning your body in a perfect manner:

 Here Are 15 Yoga Steps To Get A Toned, Tight And Flat Tummy:

1. Downward Dog Pose

Downward dog pose helps to posture your abs while doing both the hold and the transition. Inhale and point out your toes in to the heels. Now exhale and lift up the hips, making an upside-down-V-shape posture also known the Downward Facing Dog.

Repeat the yoga 10 times with left leg and then 10 times with right leg. Here you will mostly work on your fingers and elbows by straightening them in one line.

Downward Dog Pose

2. Warrior 1

Warrior 1 pose, in this yoga posture you have to stretch your back, it will help in strengthening buttock, tummy and thighs. It also open up chest to have a proper breathe.

Inhale while stepping right foot to the forward in-between hands. Try your best to turn the left heel inwards, press your feet and lift-up the torso. Stay in the position until 5 breaths.

warrior 1

3. Warrior 2

Inhale while your chest, arms and hips opens up to the left. Look towards right fingertips and keep front thigh parallel to the floor, stay in this position till 5 breaths complete. This warrior pose 2 is also known as ‘veerbhadrasana’. This helps to get flat belly.

warrior 2

4. Extended Side Angle

After doing Warrior 2, exhale while planting the right hand on floor alongside the right foot, raise left arm over ear and hold for 5 breaths.

Extended Side Angle

5. Sage

From the Extended Side pose, now release the left palm towards mat making a Down Dog position. Touch your right toe with first 2 fingers and the thumb. Raise your right leg in the air, balance left heel on mat while inhaling come upwards with the back foot and roll the left. Keep the leg straight or knee bent towards right hand and hold the Sage pose up to 5 breaths.


6. Sage Tree

Completing Sage pose come towards sage tree by releasing right toes, bend right knee and use right hand for pulling right heel as high as possible on the inner thigh making a Tree position. Once you get stable on balancing try to reach the right arm upwards and gaze towards your palm. Stay in the position for 5 breaths. Make sure to be calm and strong to have a steady posture.

sage tree

7. Balancing Star

Completing Sage Tree position straightens your right leg on the air. Stare at the lifted hand and make Balancing Star pose continue till five breaths. Keep body center engaged and this will help to stay properly balanced.

Balancing Star

8. One-Legged Four-Limbed Staff

Coming towards one-legged 4-limbed staff from balancing star, try to keep your right leg lifted, while exhaling release right hand on the mat & bend elbows backwards and slowly lower on your limbs. Try to keep your abs and body engaged in 1 straight line along with your right leg lifted. If you find this difficult you can even rest the knees on the floor. Hold the position until 5 breaths.

One-Legged Four-Limbed Staff

9. Upward Facing Dog

After one-legged 4-limbed staff exercise, easily release right foot towards floor, inhale as you expose chest towards front and come in the upward facing dog position. Carry on pressing the tops of feet and palms by breathing five times.

Upward Facing Dog

10. Clasped Locust

From Upward Dog, now release belly on the floor. Bring your arms backwards to the lower back and hook fingers together by pressing heels of palms together.

While inhaling air pull hands and try to lift your chest as high as possible along with raising feet simultaneously. Stretch the spine by taking your head away from toes and hold clasped locust position for continuous 5 breaths.

Clasped Locust

11. Extended Locust

Continuing from Clasped Locust position, keep your legs & torso lifted high, discharge your hands and extend them forward-facing. Keep on doing this step with deep five breaths.

Extended Locust

12. Locust

From Extended Locust, continue to lift the torso & legs as you slowly low down hands towards the mat beside your hips and palms facing up. Joining the feet together will engage inner thighs and hamstrings more. Relax your shoulders away from the ears, holding the Locust position along with 5 breaths.


13. Chest-Opening Bow

After doing Locust, bend knees; try to stretch your hands towards your back to hold the ankles. If this is too difficult, hold the outside instead. Actively press the feet upwards but away from the torso so that you feel a deep opening in chest and shoulders. Gaze forward in this variation of Bow pose for five breaths.

Chest-Opening Bow

14. Half Frog

After completing the above pose, release your left leg on to the floor and lift torso upwards along with left elbow, and cross the forearm to make a diagonal with chest. Keep right knee bent; involve upper-body strength to press the sole of right foot on floor. If anytime while doing this pose you feel pain in your hips or knees, decrease the weight on the right foot.

Half Frog

15. Frog

After half frog pose, now slowly try to bend your knees back & extend hand to hold feet. It’s little bit difficult to bend both feet and hands at the same time, but attempt to touch the feet one by one. Turn fingers to make them pointed towards one same direction those your toes; lift elbows up to point towards ceiling. This will help to get more force towards upper-body strength; press soles of feet on the floor, which increase the stretch in quads. Together with this exercise try to lift-up the chest as high as you can.