20 Minute Trampoline Workout With Cardio

Trampoline workouts are all about going against the gravity. What makes them more intense is that you have to struggle for the right balance and posture, which makes your muscles move from the core. Like other devices, trampoline workouts need a lot of concentration, but don’t stress the joints.

So Here’s A Fun 20 Minute Trampoline Workout That You Can Try-

Jumping With Twists 5 Minutes

Now one of the best exercises that you can do on the trampoline for cardio is jumping. But the fun part is that you have to mix and match some jumping moves. So start off with jumping on the balls for a minute. Then, move from side to side for another. Get back to normal jumping and landing on the balls of your feet again for another minute. Now move from side to side again. Finally, do one normal jump and then twist to left and then right.

Keep doing this for 5 minutes.

Leg And Arm Toners For 2 Minutes

This is one is to tone up the side of your legs, hamstrings, glutes and also the inner thighs. Get on the trampoline with right leg and extend the left leg outside. Hold a dumbbell in the right arm as you lift the left leg. Doing so works on the arms, your legs and also tones the side. Now repeat this move on the other side by extending right leg outside and lifting the dumbbell with left hand. Make sure that you do 1 minute on each side.

High Knee Jogs 5 Minutes

Now is the time for another cardio session. High knee jogs for 5 minutes give you a full cardio blast.

You have simply hop and bring the right knee as close to the chest as possible. Then take it down again as you raise the left leg. Just go as fast as you can. Raise and move the arms along too for creating some extra ripple and making this workout count.

Bicycle Abs 2 Minutes

Now lie down on the trampoline so that your back is right in the middle of the device. Bring both hands under the head and interlock them. Now raise your upper body and twist the right arm towards left side and bring your left leg to touch the same. You should make sure that your upper arms don’t bend too much. Now get back on the back and bring left hand to touch the right leg. Remember due to the gravity of the trampoline this move is going to be very intense, so focus on endurance and contractions instead of speed. Do for 1 minute, then take a break and then do another 1 minute set.

The Trampoline Kick Dance 5 Minutes

This is basically a free flowing movement that kicks the cardio and also helps you get moving. So get on the trampoline and extend right leg straight ahead toes pointing to the ceiling and touch the same with your left hand. Now alternate this move with the left leg and touch with right hand. Sway your body well and do for 5 minutes

Bridges With Twist 3 Minutes

On the trampoline, bridges are more intense. Lay down on the back, bring heel closer to butts, knees facing the ceiling. Now place both palms near the feet and raise the butt off the floor. Go as high as possible. Do for 1 minute. Now, in the same position, keep right leg over left knee and raise butts again for a minute. After a minute, alternate the legs and repeat.


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