3 Exercises To Strengthen Knees – Get Rid Of Knee Problems

Our knees are always working and are always under stress – no wonder, as we age, especially in case of women, there is a growing worry related to knee pain, knee inflammation and other knee related issues. Its important to exercise early to strengthen the knees and prevent any complications later. If regular knee strengthening exercises are done, it will reduce knee pain ( if any), help in quick recovery from injuries, help them function better and also reduce several knee related problems later on.

Strengthen Your Knees With Easy Exercises:

Stretches And Stair Climbing

People who already have knee pain or knee problems should not go for any kind of Cardio or running. A stair climber is just perfect for knee strengthening in such a case. This puts lesser amount of injury or wear and tear on the joints. Regular exercises, including stretches help in strengthening the knees and reduce all kinds of stress on knee joints which cause knee pain and even inflammation.

Straight Leg Raises

You need a chair for this workout. Sit straight and slowly raise your right leg. It should be completely straight and your foot needs to point outwards. Now, as you keep your leg raised, slowly start moving your leg upwards and downwards.

You need to do this as you maintain the contraction in teardrop muscle. You need to repeat this exercise with your other leg. For best results you should do three sets of 10 repetitions for each leg. To make it a bit more challenging, you can do this with a weight in your ankle.

Sit To Stand Workout

This workout helps in improving knee mobility and reducing knee pain. It also helps to improve overall fitness. You need to start by sitting in a firm chair. Your feet will be on floor. Now, slowly lean a bit forwards and gently lift your bottom to stand up gently. Stand upright and then again sit down. You need to do this at least thirty times for one set. Do at least three sets for best results.Try any of the above three exercises for your knee pain. Regular exercises will help you get relief from the pain in a short time.


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