30 Minute No Equipment Fat Blasting Workout

If you are looking for a fat blasting workout that helps you get your needed work done on both the cardio end and your strength too, with minimal time investment this is the one. This work out has been designed specially for people on the go and you don’t need any specialist equipment here. As a result, you are able to work on all the core muscles of your body and make sure that you are able to lose fat and tone up the body.

There Is One Circuit Here And That Is Repeated 3 Times To Complete Your 30 Minutes:

  1. One Minute Of High Knees

For this exercise you have to stand straight and then take your right knee as high as you can and then as it strikes back on the floor get your left knee up. This should be done as fast as you can because the workout is short and you have to focus on getting your heart rate up. Start off slow if you are a beginner but get your pace up as the week goes by.

one Minute of High Knees

 2. One Minute Donkey Kicks

For this exercise, you have to get down on all the four. So basically your hands and knees are on the floor, supporting your weight. Stomach should be sucked in and your back should be in a straight position. Now bring your right knee forward and take it as close to your chest as possible. Then take it back, like a kick and raise it to the butt level – or even higher if possible. Hold then repeat. Work on this leg for about 25-30 seconds and then change your leg and repeat the same exercise with the left leg.

Donkey Kicks


3. One Minute Pendulum Swings

For this one you have to stand up again and cross your hands one over the other and bring it up to the elbow. Now take right leg off the floor and swing to your right side. While bringing it back, lift off your left leg. So you are basically going like a pendulum swing and do this as fast as you can.

One Minute Pendulum Swings

4. Reverse Ab Crunches For A Minute

This ab crunch works on both the legs and your stomach muscles at the same time. So you are getting a dual workout and maximising your calorie burn.
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Lie down on the mat and then bring both heels close to the butts and bend your knees. Then put both hands behind your head and lift your legs in the air. Now suck in the belly and exhale as you raise your head and also lift your legs off the butt at the same time. Inhale as you go down again and do the move for a minute.
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reverse crunch

5. Walkin Man One Minute

Don’t get deceived by the name because the walking man is actually much faster. Here you have to take right leg forward as you get the alternate leg to the back. Swinging opposite arms, this move should be done as fast as possible for a minute. This works on legs, arms and also provides you with a complete cardio boost.

Walkin Man One Minute

6. Spider Planks One Minute

This is a killer move where you need to get to basic plan. For those who are unable to do it in plank, they can fold their knees and take support there. Now take right knee and take it right up to your right chest. Bring it back. Now do the same with the opposite leg. Do this for a least one minute to feel the pressure on your abs along with your legs.

Spider Planks One Minute

7. Jump Squats One Minute

For jump squats, you have to stand straight first. Then get into a deep squat position by bending from both the knees and making sure they don’t cross the toes. Now go as deep as you can with hands by your side. Now raise both hands and then jump up. Again come down to the squat again and repeat. Work on softer surface to avoid knee injuries.

Jump Squats

8. Side Crunch With Leg Lift

For this exercise, lie down on your left side first. Then support head with your left hand fold both legs on the side. Now bring your left leg towards your chest and give a light crunch on the side by raising your leg. Then extend your left again as the head goes down. Do this move at least 20 times and then turn over on the other side and repeat with right leg.

Side Crunch With Leg Lift

9. Bunny Hops

Stand in a straight position and jump for a minute by moving forward first and then coming back in the jumping position. Do this for a full minute.

bunny hops

10.Ab Crunch

Lie down on the mat and place both hands and fold knees. Bring heel to the butts and raise upper body as you exhale and inhale as you lower down.
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Do this for a minute.

ab crunch